(UK) Medical history within Royal Army [Asthma]?

I have seasonal Asthma (mainly during hay fever season surrounded by the spring - but it isn't serious attacks, just slight wheezing and being tight-chested)

I'd similar to to be a Meteorologist in the Royal Army - would my Asthma (if it doesn't clear up by the time I'm in my 20s) impede my abillity to sign on even as a Meteorologist?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
As already alluded to the Royal Army was disbanded when King Charles I surrendered to Parliamentarian forces during the civil time of war. As for meteorologist, there is no such trade within the British Army, The RAF and Navy maybe buut not in the Army. The rule on asthma is that you need to be 4 years clear of an inhaler to be eligible Source(s): ex recruiter
over 20 years still serving I presume you expect the British Army, no such thing as the Royal Army
If you would like to be a Meteorologist it might be a moral idea look at the RAF or
RN, for the answer about Asthma jump to a ACIO for the correct answer

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