How heaps general public do trained snipers decimate on average?

I watched an interview with a sniper from the royal anglian regiment not long, who claimed to have killed 26 Taliban insurgents on a 6 month tour of duty contained by Afghanistan, do snipers really kill that many population on average because that is a lot of loss to be resting on your conscience
well in a period of war zone yeah otherwise the government wouldn't buy them expensive rifles.
Scriney if you think roughly the amount of innocent civilians that taliban terrorists kill what`s a few
dead one`s issue the sniper is trained to kill quickly and cleanly plus they be in motion through psychological training too so he will not be worrying about it.
to him as well as widespread soldiers this is just another war.
The average is close to zero. Snipers are primarily recon, but during conflicts like today in that being used to over watch troop movements. The average sniper simply like the average soldier may not even be engaged surrounded by direct fire. But then again it depends on your unit/mos.
When joining the british army, ' you may enjoy to take life to preserve life'.

Im sure the ancestors killed were no civilians.

Your conscience is preserving vivacity.
My uncle be a sniper in the Marines during vietnam. He had 18 confirmed sniper kill. He said he felt bad every time he pulled the trigger because the man he merely killed didn't have a break to defend himself. Said it felt dishonorable.

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