At a nonspecific see would you own voted for UKIP or BNP if it be proportional representation and every....?

vote counted?
Good God no, contained by fact this is the only exposure with PR, it would let these lunatics enjoy a chance at a seat surrounded by Parliament, what a scary thought!
No. I voted Conservative because I liked most of their policies. I also reasonably liked the Liberal Democrat manifesto, so I pretty much got what I looked-for out of the election.

If next year's referendum approves the preferential AV system, I would currently vote at the subsequent election:

1. Conservative
2. Liberal Democrat
4. Labour
5. English Democrats

I would not list the other party because that's an active way of voting against them. It's not proposed that voters should own to give a preference to every entrant standing, as is the case in Australian elections to the House of Representatives.
i didn't vote BNP or UKIP but I can see the basic injustice of a million voters having no representation.

and ethnic group who say that's a good pretext for not having PR are against free will and democracy, so should be ashamed.
I did vote for UKIP and knew full all right that they wouldn't get anywhere anyway because the average man in the street surrounded by the UK is sick in the head and loves illustrious taxes and getting shafted forever by the LibLabCon elite. Mine is a protest vote at the sick undemocratic system that has be forced onto us by our weasel politicians that have sucked up to the EU for decades now. Note how plentiful of them LibLabCon politicians end up with nice posh job on the EU parliament..... look at Kinnock and his misses for instance LORD and LADY Kinnock OMG! Is that what we really need in Britain?

PR might generate a difference, though I doubt it some how, as too many people will not guess outside of the LibLabCon box. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
I would never vote for BNP.
No but, I would have considered voting MK.
I would lone vote bnp if the question on the ballot paper be "which of these parties represents small minded, racist bigots?" UKIP are not as bad but they do come across to represent a minority who can only see the down side of European integration. They can't see that we live in a worldwide economy and isolating ourselves will cause more wound than good.

So the essential answer is, regardless of the voting system I will never vote BNP/UKIP.

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