Do you focus we should attack the Islamic countries during Ramadan?

I know some Muslim friends who are fasting e.g neighbours, colleagues, sports people etc..

About 5pm their face are just hanging and tongues dropped close to a dog that has gone without river for 2 days.

My point is that they are so weak that if you went up to them and slightly nudge them they would fall over because this year in summer the sunshine in Europe stretchs like 18 hours when they travel without food and water. (Shows how much their religion is bent on making associates suffer)

Now when ever we have a problem with nation like Iran, Iraq and Syria, why dont the West launch its military expeditions during the Ramadan time with the Islamic ethnic group are at their weakest and vulnerable point?

I mean e.g contained by desert warfare how would their armies survive even 1 hour without water?

I stingy take Iran for example? It is acting like the big man beside its new shiny nuclear plant. But if we attacked Iran now how powerful will their starving population and army be when war breaks out?

Also same near Pakistan, we know that they need to disassembled like Yugoslavia at one stage why dont we attack them during the floods and Ramadan when they are at their weakest?

I scrounging im not suggesting evil, but to gain advantage surely you should exploit any weakness you can find surrounded by your enemy?

E.g in WW2 Russia turned their Artic winter climate against the invading Nazis
And citizens wonder why everyone is out to get America.
Your assumption seems to be that adjectives Islamic countries are "a threat" and they should all be bombed into submission by the US and allies, not a view I share but if you believe this attain it out into the open and don't beat more or less the bush, I'm sure a lot of Republicans support you, but be honest about it.
U.S. is a country evil!
This country (USA) must be destroyed 100%
if i knew who you be, i would beat the **** out of you
this is the nature of narrow thinking that causes terrorism, its provoking extremism and ruining any probability we have of winning heart and minds and ever achieving peace in the middle east, i'm surprised and ashamed that concept has come from a Briton
Just a quick FYI...

They can chomp through and drink before dawn
Haha, yeah that would be pretty funny.
At =) : Out to bring back America? From your post you are obviously assuming the poster is American. Look at the flag under the sound out, the poster is clearing British.

At Back to the drawing board: Why on Earth is it that only Republicans would support this plan. I'm sure that a disproportionate number of Independents and Dems would also support this plan. Also, let's look at religion by political party. By and far here are more Republicans than Dems that claim to be religious and church going. I would assume that those people, from either group, would see attacking an enemy regardless of religious affiliation on a religious holiday cowardly and wrong. How would Christians feel if they be attacked on Easter?

At OP: 1) Just because they are fasting, does not mean they can't drink hose down. 2) Iran's nuclear plant produces electricity, it is no way a threat to anything. 3) Pakistan is an ally of both the United States(my country) and Great Britain(yours), why would either of our countries attack and dismantle an ally's infrastructure and establishment when my country is so busy helping Iraq and Afghanistan's government and yours is so busy helping Afghanistan? 4) Using climate, e.g. winter, is in NO WAY similar to attacking someone during a religious holiday. For example, I believe contained by 2005 or so, a lower enlisted US Marine was court martialed for butchery suspected insurgents that his platoon had recently come below fire from during one of their times of prayer with his knife. So at the especially least the US does not condone what you are talking around.

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