Will the officer really dispatch a memorandum home?? (im 15 and live contained by the uk)?

Well basically we were accidently trespassing and caught, we didnt bring any damage what so ever, and we wernt being anti-social, but the officer took down adjectives our details, lectured us, then sort of joke a bit, and then sed 'the chances are ur gonna get hold of a letter home, so u better tell ur parents before'....is he bluffing??
Where were you trespassing?
My initial instinct is that he's bluffing - trespass is *usually* a civil concern, so the police can't really do much other than ask you nicely to verbs.

*The laws are different on the railway, on school property and military establishments etc.
no lol probably not officers tend to whip this kind of thing serius - becuase profoundly of tresspassers are there to cuase trouble - and also if you are tresspassing and the police dont do nothing almost it then you get injured nearby can be some seriuos come back that you were against the tenet and may have to go court hun x

---if i be you i would just casually enjoy a convo about it with my parents and enunciate that it was funny cus you didnt realise u was trespassing and you get cuaght if tey have a go at you its not your fualt hun and they will soon drop the subject and if they dont later good for you xx :)
He's bluffing and just wanted to pass you a little scare! Hope you knowledgeable your lesson!!
Maybe, perchance not.

Yeah right, you "accidentally" trespassed as in, sorry officer I accidentally stabbed him sixteen times through the heart with a blunt screwdriver while fitting a curtain railing.
Very probable. Just wait and see - your excuse being the officer said he have your details if he saw you there again, but didn't mention he would be sending a letter. It's not a lifeless offence.
Did you use your real name?

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