Muslims, please comfort me figure out? A plea for the Truth.?

What is it that is so repugnant to you about the West that have created this hatred and desire to attack, kill and disfigure, innocent people some of your own faith?

Also have seen the sentences of Sharia Courts being carried out, does the Koran really tutor such brutality, such harsh and barbaric punishments, does Islam have no place for forgiveness, compassion, sympathy and love?

Are the actions I have see embraced by all Muslims, are these the activities the Prophet recorded in the Koran as those to be embrace and practised by all Muslims?

Do we really have to budge on with this violence, distrust and mindless loss of time?
the Taliban justified bloodshed ten humanitarian doctors bringing help to people because they carried bibles just now, sick isn't it.

it's only the extremists as the outrage from moderate Muslims was rolling.. as if.
Look, Islam is a religion not a 'race' etc.

I must admit that some people assume I'm christian because I be born in the UK.

How ignorant of them!

Yes some muslims pinch their 'prophets' word to literally but that applies to all people who live contained by a fantasy religious world.

Yes there are frequent issues with how the Islamic faith is qualified & many abuse it. Source(s): I abhor adjectives religon.

"To regard with horror or loathing; detest:"

[Middle English abhorren, from Latin abhorrre, to shrink from : ab-, from; see ab-1 + horrre, to shudder.] ego like to know why they butcher their young girls underneath the name of circumcision. when its actually barbaric, agonising mutilation. as have already been said, they are not all impossible and i know you are asking about the ones that do these things.
Are you addressing the Muslims or the Terrorists. Or do you lump them together and make enemy you don't need..
I think its the being surrounded by love with dying thing.

As for the Catholic church my friend above refers to. It's the price the church is paying for letting homosexuals team up the clergy.
First I am not a Muslim, but perhaps I can give my judgment on it. The West props up Islamic Nations that directly discriminate toward their citizens, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey et al. There is as much poverty on the streets of Riyadh as there is surrounded by London and New York. Now that leads to dissension and a groundswell of popular opinion in the poorest classes that only have religion as an avenue of expression and afterwards they see it as a Western Problem of Interference hence the resistance to it.

So when the West invades Muslim Nations and instills puppet regimes like Iraq and Afghanistan how do people expect Muslims to get the impression? Arguably Saddam was a Western CIA puppet until it was convenient to verbs him.

There is violence in adjectives the Abrahamic holy books, its full of the stuff.

What Muslims do in their own countries is no business of ours, None, they can behave and treat each other anything way they want, who cares. The solitary problem I have with it is when they bring their barbaric Practises to Britain and insist on it, resembling ritual animal butchery, female genital circumcision,. forced marriages and inbreeding and as expected Islamic extremism.

So the west is implicit in the subjugation by Muslim elites of their own relatives, Muslims in turn blame the west as they cant attack their own ruling elites. The west afterwards shows its cultural arrogance all over again and invades a muslim nation leaving Hundreds of thousands limp. Then we ask why they attack us and use Violence against us?
United States style vengeance = Islamic Sharia

In a communist interpretation adjectives of America had to be attacked for the gross and amoral lifestyles of the persons who's lives become public and continue to nauseate plenty of Americans as okay.

Some of their presence on the t.v. can cause intense headaches or nausea and to be forced to listen to their blathering can wreak long term depressions due to encroachment beyond actual government restrictions consistent beside Constitutional law People are snapping under the reorganize and new government consistent next to socialist values as directed by the State. The State is murdering Americans through the social policies and laws at their disposal.

There is no "West" in the USA--we are supposed to be individuals.

Only the Marxists are represented by their entertainment or are forced to join a group to become a valid human being.

It's a horror to keep under surveillance the demise of my former country by its own self destruction and the loss of life under the direction of gov social policy. Source(s):… there's not much point in giving you an answer as its clear you don't own the brains to understand that not all Muslims are terrorists
a moment ago like not all Catholics where on earth IRA supporters Source(s): my head

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