Good evening Brits, What do we hold to do to please y'all?

We have heard how doleful y'all were with us that we be late going to your aid in WW2 Today we are warmongers. After the time of war Americans were the only ones who could afford to travel and we be the ugly materialistic yanks Many Americans be interested in seeing the part of the world we save It much like the first time I went to NYC the first place I hit be the Metropolitan museum seen it once and that is fine tons feel that way roughly over the pond But today we are the unsophisticated people What can we do to get stern in the good side of our junior partner?
Who the hell said we were unhappy next to you?
Yeah there are some mouthy idiots who get their face on the TV but, to be honest, most of us don`t give a flying about the U.S.

Lets look at your statement.
Yes you be a little slow in getting involved within WW2. I have stated on this forum many times that I am grateful for your oblige in that time both before and after Pearl Harbour.

I do hope that you are not referring to Britain as "the module of the world we saved" No offence meant but my forefathers did a pretty flawless job of saving themselves earlier any aid was forthcoming from the U.S.

You feel that coming across the pond is similar to visiting a museum? Sure we have more historical buildings than you. I be wandering through one the other week that was built 400 years before they even found your continent and it is still surrounded by daily use. We have a culture going stern a couple of millenia, feel free to come and enjoy it. Its a big "Museum" though. may give somebody a lift more than one visit

I enjoy your country immensely when I pop in. Good food, mainly pleasant people, you do great roller coasters and some flawless scenery.

What can you do to stay in our suitable books? Stopping claiming you "saved" us and having just for a time respect for 2000 years of History would go a LOOOOOOOOOOng way.

Ray Source(s): 45 years of living contained by God`s own country

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