Can i still come together the army at 33?

can i join the army at 33 yrs old i be born 18/02/1977
Unless they have changed the rules, you should be able to marry until the age of 35. Source(s): Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. Hello Andrew,

YES. The Army's maximum age limit to join is 42 years elderly.

But, of course, basic combat training for a unusual "33" year old will be harder than if you were 18 or 19 or 20 years mature.

Start getting into shape now.

What you do have surrounded by your favor is that at age 33 you no longer have "kid" ideas and are better competent to learn and advance more - adjectives the silly stuff is gone. You are a full fledged adult.

Just get into shape. Don't push it. Work it slowly.

Best wishes,

Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

P.S. Andrew, contained by the military we date:

18 Feb 77

Not like civilians do with February 18, 1977.

Your road is the military way. Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989. the following United States Code will answer your question:

TITLE 10 United States Code, Subtitle A, PART II, CHAPTER 31

ยง 505. Regular components: testimonial, term, grade

(a) The Secretary concerned may adopt original enlistments in the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, Regular Marine Corps, or Regular Coast Guard, as the defence may be, of qualified, effective, and able-bodied persons who are not smaller quantity than seventeen years of age nor more than forty-two years of age. However, no person under eighteen years of age may be originally enlist without the written consent of his parent or guardian, if he has a parent or guardian entitled to his custody and control.
The cutoff is in truth 42. You have to be able to achieve the age of mandatory retirement (62) before you reach 20 years(regular retirement) This rule coppers went into effect in 2006.

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