Should Finnish Karelia be returned to Finland?

"Finnish speaking people, originating from Finland, hold inhabited Karelia for about 10 000 years, whereas the Rus-sians have lived nearby for a mere 60 years. Finland became independent the 6th of December, 1917. The Finnish-Russian border remained unchanged since the time Finland be the grand duchy of Russia. The Petsamo (Pechenga) area be attached to Finland, exchanged for another area in Karelia. This border be confirmed in the Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920."…
But you could say the same in the order of many places though. The British for instance might as well sue the Italians for compensation because of the Roman Conquest. They remunerated an illegal war and settled Britain for about four to five hundred years. Is it not a similar situation?
oh that's a can of worms should Pomerania, Posen, East Prussia be given back to the germans those dammed Poles. oh and Breslau

individual to true that's why there is a >>,<< between them sheesh..

check out this map

to get spinal column to your original question yes we accredited that back in 38/39 we should stand by that very soon. and say they are finnish.…

mind you who took this and who took that like I vote big can of worms
I've had a look into it and i'm thinking no. Apparently adjectives the Finnish people who did live there moved (were ethnically cleansed) away surrounded by the first half of the twentieth century as a result of a peace deal agreed between Finland and the Soviets. An unsatisfied event but what's happened has happen so it's easiest just to deal near where they are now.

Which is that Finnish Karelia is immediately inhabited by Russians and most Finns, according to surveys anyway, don't want them. There are some Finns who want it back and think the Russians should enjoy to move but does Finland really want war with Russia over a piece of manor where no Finns live? Apparently Yeltsin was toying near selling it to Finland for 15billion dollars but he was probably running short of whiskey and if it did happen Finland would be land with a backwards area (compared to modern Finland) which would cost it a fortune to assert.
The guiding factor in adjectives such decisions should be self determinaton.

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