Grey Squirrels is it true?

I have a feeling that I not long heard on the BBC news that it is in fact a criminal offence not to report the presence of a grey squirrel in your garden to the Police. If this is true surely police forces throughout the country WILL be flooded WITH CALLS from honest economically meaning people who do not preference to break the law.
must enjoy been a slow news sunshine for this piece of cr(a)p to have been aired
It is true!

Its actually a law from the 1930s going on for "dangerous imported animals" designed, among other things, to protect red squirrels. Its one of copious, many archaic and redundant laws that hold been forgotten and never repealed, and at the moment its topical because its one the new management have discovered and are holding up as an example of old legislative rubbish that wants cleaning up.
It's true they are killing past its sell-by date the national red squirrel population by taking all the food available because they are stronger and faster. Only extremists really call the Police reporting them or the nation too afraid not to, no one in their right mind would be bothered to call for the police if they saw a squirrel!
I don't see how it could be, after all, why would imperative enforcement give a damn about a squirrel.
If its a rabies issue because a kid get bit, there's no way to isolate which squirrel did it.
They aren't an endangered species.
So why else would authorities strictness ? Unless there's a city or country wide plague being spread by them similar to the black death was through Europe.
No, that's a Myth.

However, you can legally kill a grey squirrel as long as it's snatched and painless and not get prosecuted for any animal rights law, considering they trickle under 'vermin' like rats, mice and most insects.

But you're not by any system legally obliged to do anything near them. You can leave them alone if you so wish. Don't you reckon the Police have better things to do?

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