Where would be the best place to do a work experience, to assistance towards getting into the police force?

Besides going to a police station.
Try to see if they have an Explorer program, or run on as many ride-a-longs as you can.

Do some volunteer work that helps the community, departments close to to see that you have a desire to help relatives, and did it for free. Since that is pretty much what a lot of police work is.

Biggest entity you can do i stay out of trouble, second, stay out of trouble!
The most obvious place would be a police station!

However, you might want to try your local council's "Community Safety Partnership", and "Crime Reduction Partnerships" operating surrounded by your area, or even find out if your local council operates any "Anti-Social Beahviour" team.

Other options may be your local magistrates court, the probation service, your local "youth offending" team, or even one of the armed forces and ask specifically for a "tenet enforcement" attachement like the Royal Military Police, or the Royal Air Force Police.
ably apart from the station im not so sure maybe one of the training centre's
well believe it or not getting a BA in criminal equality would be your entrance ticket and joining a local Auxiliary PD goes a long way on your application. SO do both of those things and you hold a very good shot.

Good luck
part time prison officer.

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