Coalition rule tories and libs?

are they better or worse than expected and in what way did they face you priority?
Better or worse? I didn't know what to expect! They seem to be treading carefully but both sides hold a mutual interest - they both want to stay in power. I expected news of more budget cuts but that would own happened if Labour had won too. For adjectives their talk of 'fiscal stimulation' they didn't have much picking.
I suspect that divisions may appear in the coalition when the prospect of electoral reform is published. For my own quantity I would welcome some reform - but NOT PR! We will live through 'interesting times'. I'm a long occupancy Tory voter - but politically cynical.
They are a mess, they talk about Labour going away them debts and so on. However, no one has come out to acknowledge that a big chunk of what they adjectives call debt is actually presently profit in that the money expended on buying out the Banks is now going to bring money to system coffers. RBS for example is making profits again and the share price would probably treble before the government verbs their investment making a financial killing. Would they give Labour the credits for their astuteness contained by due time. They would not because they are Tories.
I'm still in shock, considering I didn't vote. I don't examine the news on politics, I used to watch the parliamentary hour, but afterwards my workload takes over. I'm not sure, and I am still nervous in the order of the spending cuts, I would like to keep my situation
The coalition government so far is an absolute disaster.

There is beyond doubt no relationship between the Financial Crisis and the Budget Deficit (which is not a Structural Deficit). The former related to private debts and the latter to government debts.

Under Labour the bailouts given by the elected representatives were actually loans to be remunerated back by the banks at around 10% to the system .. and the general rates set by the government be 1-3% which is why the banks didn't want to give the public any loans. Nevertheless the bailouts be not unprofitable for the government who I'm sure marked up the interest, okay beyond the rates they acquired the monies at.

The bailouts in short did not affect the administration deficit in any way.

Addressing the budget deficit next to cuts does not improve the economy .. it one and only gives the UK more creditworthiness with the individuals who are likely to lend to us.

The Budget deficit is 10% ..and a healthy deficit is around 5% (according to the IMF, Basel Committee etc.) The deficit is in fact not a problem at adjectives.

The problem is the banks not lending to the public which lowers levy revenue. The banks want to stockpile cash and not lend for some defence... perhaps because its expensive for them to hold debts and mortgages, and they have more profitable avenues of investment. Had Labour stayed contained by power ..there would have be more pressure on Banks to invest domestically (although unprofitably) as the money came at least fairly from the taxpayer.

This is not happening under the Torys and the bankers can do what they want.

The Tories as other ..are hoodwinking the British electorate ...On a forum of conflating the Financial Crisis with the Budget Deficit .. the Tories are instituting far right-wing policies on an exclusively ideological justification .. nothing more..and failing to address the Banks at all... In effect their destroying society so they and their supporter chums can get rich exactly like beneath Thatcher.

However as a result there shall be a double dip recession with big unemployment, increased poverty, homelessness, increased crime and illiteracy... all the things that put a moral Tory to bed at night.

The people who voted contained by the Tories must either be all terrifically rich, very stupid or very evil... because the individual people who've benefitted so far are the Bankers.. who got to enjoy their (rather our) cake under Labour and now underneath the Tories are geting to eat it too...
It is exactly as predicted - they are telling lots and lots of lies. No-one seems to be aware that every time they speak that they have 'discovered more debt than they thought' they must therefore be admit that in opposition the Tories weren't doing the living that they were supposed to and this is based on the certainty that they are not interested in anything other than their own policy.
The coalition hasn't tackle any priorities - such as creating jobs or dealing with industry, the poor, the bank, or tax fiddling.
So, the Tory's prevail in protecting their interest and the lib hold just become ad libs on incident.

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