Why County Court let kids be abused?

Children are being damaged by unprecedented delay in the family courts within England due what excuse? we can support barnandos and change this. Save kids
The courts system in England does not misuse children. It is not always possible to hold super-speedy court sessions. Some decisions if truth be told benefit form taking the time to evaluate what is really going on within the family.
There is some greatly good analysis by a family barrister here, together next to some useful links to views on the subject. It ain't simple:


Obviously the County Court isn't choosing to incentive problems for children - the problem is the delays that beset the process. You can divide these into good delay and bad delays.

The desperate delays are:

- NOT ENOUGH MONEY There are simply not enough court staff, magistrates or facilities for the number of cases that go through the courts. This is the glitch of the last government, but the current one will slash the budgets further. If nearby is a delay of a few weeks before a settle can spend a day looking at a case, this isn't because he can't be bothered or because he's on the golf course, it's because the court's list are packed full.

- CAFCASS This body produces reports to courts about children. So if there's a dispute in the order of whether or not little Jimmy would be best living with Mum or Dad then a CAFCASS officer interviews both, interviews the child if he's aged enough, inspects both houses, and produces a report to the court advising on the best outcome. Each event then gets to argue their satchel before a judge. The problem is that surrounded by many cases CAFCASS are taking nearly six months to produce the report in the first place due to their own withdrawal of funds, and mismanagement. During this time the relationship between the parents often deteriorates even further meaning its even harder to endow with little Jimmy a solution where he gets love from both parents.

- LIES Parents clearly lie and delay during these proceedings. This can recurrently cause a long delay while things are investigated, which lead us onto:

Good delays

- DOING THINGS PROPERLY If social services want to take your child from you and hold her adopted, don't you want the opportunity to challenge it? Sometimes they in recent times get things wrong. There are couples accused of injuring their children calculated who have later be cleared, but because the children are happy in foreign families they can't have them rear. Sure, it would be great to have all these hearing dealt with contained by a couple of months, but there would be less scrutiny and smaller amount challenge. This would mean that more mistakes are made, near terrible consequences for children and parents. The current system might creak along at a slow pace, but it is atrociously THOROUGH. Also, everyone gets the chance to enjoy their say. Wouldn't you want yours? This is the problem with the lies though. Sometimes, for example, a Mum might realise that Dad is looking resembling he might get to keep the kids living near him, so she will invent lies that he sexually abused the children. This is rare, but it probably happens almost once a week somewhere in the country. There are that many cases you see. Obviously the court own to investigate very serious allegations like this, because they might be true. You can't only say "Right, that's true, keep Dad away" and nor can you vote "Don't think so, what nonsense" and potentially place them in hazard if they go to live with him.

- TRYING THINGS OUT Often during the time assistance proceedings take, new relatives come out of the woodwork who might be likely to look after children so that they can stay in their extended family instead of person adopted. Mum might suddenly realise that she is about to lose her kids and finally dumps the rude partner who's been knocking seven shades out of her contained by front of the kids. She goes on a parenting course. Things look up.


The answer isn't simple. The best answer for everyone would be to chuck a couple of billion pounds at the problem, but we don't have that. Barnardos come from ONE angle - other those recognise that the arguments are more balanced.
if there be any suggestion children where in any wound, they would be placed in care Right away
there's no means of access the police , courts and the Social Services would live a child in a house with a suspected abuser Source(s): my lead

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