Is Top Shot a especially political show?

Well we had originally several different groups represented (even though the best shooters in the world represent a dogmatic demographic, in the NRA competitive circuit)
And these differences were played bad of and emphasized in the show's commentary, I wonder if this is inadvertent or if it is purposely used to generate ratings
I understand it probably is, just funny how tough it is to get people to monitor a shooting show
Piss-bottle Jones say

the thing that surprised me was that even though they are supposed to be experts, when push come to shove they weren't even very good shots, consent to alone "Top"

i think they basically wanted to appeal to all the demographics to increase viewership

(it is a cool show though...regardless)

and they aren't adjectives competative shooters... many of the originals be not anyway... most were military or law enforcement.
Of course you are kidding?`

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