Will the governing body privatise these part of the pack two (long and detailed)?

I asked a while ago about whether the government will privatise reliable assets I mentioned, I have now expanded this account in response to the criticisms. Again, I offer no feelings as to whether I think it would be good.

I am asking whether a) it would be pious? and b) the likelyhood of any of this happening?

Firstly, not everything listed can be privatised so I own offered other options: selling shares, reducing subsidies, commercialising the roles of, outsourcing the roles of and assets to be sold off.

Privatisation: a state-owned corporation human being sold into the private sector.

Selling shares: The government does not control but has shares within.

Commercialising the roles of: these are companies or agencies that can expand the services they offer into the private sector or offer out of the country, they will not be able to make a profit and for this reason should not be privatised but could bring in some money to ofset some of their running costs.

Outsourcing the roles of: Services or utilities that could be privatised, but should NOT as they offer non-monetary benefits by individual universal rather than for-profit. However, nearby are ways in which their services can be offered by companies but the state picks up the tab.

Assets: Physical

A # next to the item indicates that it may be politically volatile to do it so it will probably never evolve.

It's a long list, so if you can't be bothered to read it all a short time ago give your general judgment.


Transport for London
Northern Rock
National Express
Dartford Crossing
Defence Storage and Distribution Agency
High Speed 1
Land Registry
The Met Office
The Oil and Pipelines Agency
Ordinance Survey
he Public Forest Estate
Public Sector Spectrum Holdings
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
The Royal Mints monopoly
The Student Loan Portfolio
London Underground
Network Rail
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Royal Mail
#BBC Worldwide
Channel 4
Scottish Water
#Glas Cymru
Northern Irish Water
National Air Traffic Services
Trusts Ports
British Waterways
CDC Group
The Tote
BRB (Residuary) Ltd
Directly Operated Railways Limited
East Coast Main Line Company Ltd
Blackpool Transport
Cardiff Bus
Lothian Buses
Halton Transport
Ipswich Buses
Newport Transport
Reading Transport
Rossendale Transport
Thamesdown Transport
Warrington Borough Transport
#Cairngorm Mountain Railway
#Orkney Ferries
Nottingham City Transport
NEC Group
Manchester Airports Group
The New Covent Garden Market
Belfast Metro
NI Railways
Ulsterbus Foyle
#Caledonian MacBrayne
#Highlands and Islands Airports Limited
#Scottish Futures Trust
Tyne and Wear Metro
Glasgow Subway
The National Nuclear Laboratory
British Nuclear Fuels plc

Sell remaining shares in:

British Energy
National Air Traffic Services

Reduce subsidies for:

Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive
West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive
West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
All government funded museums
All parliament funded art projects
Registrar of Public Lending Right

Commercialise roles of:

NHS Professionals
Forensic Science Service
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Fire Service College
#The Crown Estate
#The Royal Parks
Food and Environment Research Agency
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Wilton Park
FCO Services
Forensic Science Agency Northern Ireland
#Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Buying Solutions
#Identity and Passport Service
National Savings and Investments
Office for National Statistics
Forestry Research
Port of London Authority
#Gangmasters Licensing Authority
#Ofcom licensing sector
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Sea Fish Industry Authority
English Heritige
Office of Government Commerce
National Policing Improvement Agency
#UK Space Agency
Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Science and Engineering Research Council
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
Teaching and Learning Research Programme
Arts and Humanities Research Council
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Economic and Social Research Council
Medical Research Council
Natural Environment Research Council
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Pathobiology of Early Arthritis Cohort
MRC Human Genetics Unit
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Emergency Planning College
NHS Shared Business Services
NHS Fractionated Plasma Products Supply Chain
NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT)
Community Health Partnerships
National Physical Laborato
Great list. I approaching lists. What's your source for this list? I'm sure some of the items you roll are private companies.

I'm not in favour of privatisation as a rule. What’s the assistance to the taxpayer I always ask myself? Sometimes it makes sense but usually not. I don't see why the management ie. the tax payer should be left holding the organisations that are not for profit and the companies that do kind huge profits are handed over to the private sector so they can pay themselves huge bonuses and throw away the priofits at no advantage to the tax payer or country. Why shouldn't the country be allowed to cream bad profits for ourselves. I think all the bank should be privatised to pay back the debt that owe us.

What be the first thing Dave Blackadder-Smoothspin did when he got into power ..... that's right ... he cut corporation levy. In the biggest non-war debt crisis ever seen by this country, he cuts corporation tax.

Clever boy. He know on what side his bread is buttered on when he leaves politics, doesn't he?




YES--long answer**********************************…

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