Can I be forced to deal in my jointly-owned home to take-home pay bad debt?

If I owe debt to the student loans company (post 1998 'new style loan'), can I be forced to sell a jointly-owned home to pay it rotten? I'm not married, and live with my partner in a house we both own. Surely she can't be forced to market her home to pay off my debt?
If you owe debt, you should be forced to wage it back. Taking a loan means you enjoy to pay it back. What cog is unclear?
Student Loans were always unsecured. I don't know whether specifically true now. Also, they didn't kick contained by until you were earning over a unshakable amount of money. Make sure you are eligible to pay and they aren't wrongly charging you!

Check the paperwork you signed when you took out the Loan/s.

You need to yak to the Student Loans company and come to some arrangement to pay the debt. If you have other debts and you are really struggling, walk and see the CAB and get one of their Debt Counsellors to help you.
Yes and no. Firstly, you should be paying ti put money on directly out of wages anyway.

Anyway, a court could order you to sell your share of the home to clear the debt. However, this process is enormously complex, as your loan is unsecured.

They won't do this though, as they can't force your wife to sell, and no buyer will buy partially a home.

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