How does motherliness bestow pass equality to women contained by the Workplace?

I am trying to research women's disadvantages in society and was wondering if motherliness leave coincided with the achievement equality of women's rights in the workplace

thanks for any answers
Why do you believe that women hold equality in the workplace? Having worked since before the inception of equality legislation and parenthood leave I would say that whilst it is no longer permitted to utter to someone they can't have a job because they are a woman the attitude still exists principally in technical job.

Sexism is still rife and it is very difficult to do anything about as it is difficult to prove. There is also the issue of competitive appraisal systems. These mitigate against women or other minorities as they allow manager simply to say that your performance is worse than someone elses in need saying whose or why. Whilst statistical processes are there within theory to show if there are any trends towards prejudice within fields where few women operate statistics will not show prejudice or show prejudice for a specific boss.

In my experience maternity leave in truth made matters worse as people be both reluctant to employ women of child bearing age ( and its difficult to prove sexism) and also the resentment towards general public who have maternity quit reflects on the general attitudes towards women within the workplace. I don't have children however frequently I was treated as if I have no commitment to my job as I might take parenthood leave. I'm not against maternity walk out , but to say women have gain rights in the workplace is completely untrue. I have see little improvements over the 30 odd years I ahve worked other than what inhabitants are allowed to actually state in public next to witnesses.

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