BP. A political football?

It was an accident. Did several politicians, grasp the chance to increase their popularity by hammering BP?
Its an American led grease conspiracy they want to bankrupt BP so an American oil company can buy them up cheap.

Exxon Valdez cause more enviromental damage but that was an American company wasn't it

American incompetence CAUSED the grease spill and American senators will always jump on a bandwagon to blame another country's companies to cover up their incompetence politicians are other looking to score points to try to impress WHO? they certainly don't impress the public they(politicians ) are in a minute regarded in lower esteem than saloon salesmen or tax collectors
I think the BP spill have caused massive ripples that the American government can't even grasp the sprain they have caused to private businesses going into the USA. I would suppose while that retard is president I doubt many multinational companies will do business with the States.

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