Laws surrounding selling things on the street.?

If you are in central London, do you necessitate any special license or certificate to approach customers and offer for Dutch auction any goods?
Yes. This is something administered and enforced by the local authority and if you are caught trading unlawfully, it is the local authority which will prosecute you. This link sets the position out clearly.…
The majority of Councils in London own adopted the London Local Authoities Act 1990 which makes it iffy to trade in the street unless it is a designated street and you have a licence - however you can still bring back a pedlars certificate from the Police but you must carry adjectives your goods with you and must save moving, you cannot stand in one place.

There are plans to transfer control of pedlars certificate to the Councils but this has hang fire a bit beside the change of Government

You need a peddlers qualification or licence from the police station or local authority in the area you intend to go in.
Yes a street traders licence ,, It is contrary to local bye law to trade unlicensed ..

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