I enjoy court within more or less 8 hours and i'm incredibly sick, i dont know weather to dance to the hospital or court?

im not sure weather i need to go to court first or the hospital, i can not quite breathe have a temp over 100, and have blacked out a few times from not man able to breathe....any ideas?
call the court and communicate them your sick, go to the ER and see whats wrong and get a record saying you did go to hospital and you are sick, citizens do it all the time, if your really sick go obtain help, they will post phone your court date, good luck and God bless
Go to ER. If they keep you or not, when your time for court comes lately use the phone or borrow a nurse's and call the court to tell the Clerk where on earth you are and to inform your judge. When you leave the hospital, maintain all of your paperwork and contact the court ASAP to reschedule and find out what happened.

I'm sure it will adjectives work out. Relax.
I would attend the hospital first. The doctor surrounded by attendance can give you a note covering you for your court attendance. If you own an infectious illness, the worst thing you can do is attend court and spread it around within their air conditioned system. If, on the other hand, they put you on the nebulizer and your breathing ease, you might find yourself able to go to court after adjectives.

Get a message to the court that you are seriously ill. This should prevent their issuing a warrant against you. Make sure that you have documentary evidence of your hospital drop by.

Get well soon!
well your health is more inportant but court is too so i would progress to court then if you are still feeling sick after later visit hospital but just rember this you might be notion sick because your down and nervouse because of court p.s sorry i carnt spell nervouse at least you no what i mean hope this help a bunch for you Source(s): p.s good luck in court or hospital hope its nought seriouse Go to hospital, you are sick and having trouble breathing. You can always ask the hospital to verify for the court that you be sick. If you go to court first, you might not be alive to go to hospital, your vigour takes precedence.
Go to the court. Take a paper bag to breathe into to avoid hyperventilating. All your symptoms can be cause by anxiety. Take a calming photo or poem to look at that will quell the unease and slow down blood pressure. You are likely freshly too scared. Skipping court will increase the discomfort most likely. Use the bathroom beforehand going into the courtroom itself. think/remember a place of peace and comfort. Got a calmative?

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