Why are british relatives such liberal pacifist who would fairly see themselves late than enjoy waste a terrorist?

we're not a religious country!

on iraq: yes some troops died, yes some iraqis died, but in the long run how many lives own been saved? saddam hussein comitted genocide against his own inhabitants and the heirs to his dictator ship were merely as notorious

on britain: why is it racist to hate muslims when islam isnt a see but a fascist ideology which demands the death of infidels? dont get me wrong i Love secular muslims, but here arent many.

on israel: why do israel get so much stick for massacre civillians when they target terrorists who use human shields, firing rockets from inside mosques, schools and shopping centres? what are they expected to do just let the terrorists hold firing rockets who refuse peace neogotiations on every step? (and this has nought to do with illegal settlements thats contained by the west bank not gaza)

on palestine: why does everybody stand up for hamas as resistance fighters when they are terrorists
1. becuse they try to terrorize israel, with some nouns but not much because of the blockade
2. because they terrorize the palestinians of gaza because theyd rather continue trying to wipe israel sour the map with little homemade rockets under a blockade than agreeing peace and a two-state solution where on earth the blockade would be lifted?

and do the people who support palestinians realise the streets of gaza be filled with relations ddancing and celebrating on the day of 9/11 (before america invaded their countries?)
Because killing is wrong! It serves little purpose than to appease the evil in human-nature.
THOSE THAT HUNGER FOR IT ARE EVIL! Be they terrorists or government with democratically elected leaders. But I can see where you are coming from, and those evil terrorists are YOUR evil creation.
Celebrations on 9/11 be not only held in Gaza but surrounded by the Israeli street as well. Such behavior cannot be condoned or justified.

It's the left wing, hug a terrorist establishment specifically to blame - not the British people. An establishment that would rather wage compensation to terrorist suspects than to British troops disabled in line of duty.

Ask the majority of family in the UK how they would deal near terrorists and the answer will be either a headache from a 9mm slug - or a short rope with a long drop.
Britain is not liberal!! it's conservative do you ever watch the report??
and i'm not supprised the palestinians were celebrating after 9/11, i be a sign of america created isreal and the palestinians lost their homes, and you shouldn't call the palestinians terrorists cos they're just trying to win their land back, i know YOU wouldn't hail as the brits terrorists if they started to attack all the immigrants that live contained by england.
BTW islam is not a race or a fascist ideology, it's a religion (you're the fascist).
I am an American who has served next to the UK troops. I have nothing but respect. Many non-military populace have no idea that triumphant a war is not about slaughter every opponent. It is about getting them to tender up. That requires serious discipline.
Don't generalise.

I am British, but I support Israel against the Hamas terrorists, agree that Islam is an ideology that belongs in the middle-ages, yet don't detest all muslims because of their beliefs, just the deceitful terrorists. I believe we were right to enter Iraq, regardless of the premise of WMD used by Blair and Bush. Good riddance to Saddam, his entire family and his henchmen. Eventually, when the bloodthirsty muslims hold stopped killing each other, they will surface the same.

In fact I agree near most of your statements, except for the one stating that the British are liberal pacifists. It is only the weak-minded youth who know no better that topple into this category and I am most certainly neither. Unfortunately, it is always the ones who shout the loudest that attain heard and immature children can bring in a lot of noise.
The enormous majority of British people are quite in good spirits to see terrorists killed. It's just the reality that our soldiers and innocent civilians get killed as in good health that upsets us, and the fact that many see the period of war in Afghanistan as unwinnable and therefore pointless. I'm probably against the majority within the fact that I believe we were right contained by toppling Saddam and we are right in being surrounded by Afghanistan. I also believe the Israelis were right in boarding the ship heading for Gazza and for defending themselves. There would hold been no deaths if firstly, the ship have heeded the warnings and not tried to journey straight into Gaza, and secondly, if they hadn't attacked the Israelis who boarded her.
Tell that to the brave men and women who are facing terrorists every light of day in Afghanistan!!

Of course the UK is still religious, although it seems to hold gone atheist with all the murders, rapes, robberies etc that are stirring every day
I'm neither liberal, religious nor peacemaker, where do you get your info from.

don't whip info from left wing, right wing, middle wing papers, but make judgements from my own mind, once i enjoy listened, watched, read and evaluated information.

History as they influence teaches us nothing, because if it did, we wouldn't be involved contained by endless wars, perpetual conflicts that cost lives, British, American, allied forces, in hell holes like Afghanistan and Iraq. Personally i would close to the following.
Britain to pull out of these places, get our troops home, don't see that as individual a pacifist, more an observer, who have calculated long ago, its a unwinnable war, as the Russians found out. It is not the first, second or third time we have have troops there, but the soldiers and the Afghan people will dance on being slaughtered for no reason. And similar to Northern Ireland, someone will come to the conclusion that
someone had better make the move to peace, next to the Taliban, and that will be a bitter pill to swallow for many.
1. If you ask a Brit they will as a rule say that Saddam should have be removed from power but they will not say how. They are pissed off, emotion that they were lied to in lay down to give credibility to the war. In some respects they are right but next again that's just how politics works. You decide what you necessitate to do and then justify it. People who hold had their feelings hurt because they don't receive that need to grow up, he was an evil murderer of his own race and other who needed to go and the world is a better place for it. He killed more relations in Iraq year on year than the war have.

2. Because the British see the Muslims as the downtrodden underdogs and the fallacy of this is repeated surrounded by the news to the point that if you claim anything else then you are branded a racist. Weird though that associates who consider themselves so left wing will dress up as Hezbollah or Hamas and go around promoting their effect (which demands that the same left wingers should convert to hardline Islam or die).

3 + 4. Again the medium demonise Israel and people believe it. The problem is that no-one holds Hamas to account, if Israel does what adjectives countries do and defend themselves then they are criticised rigorously for their actions. If Hamas use red cross ambulances to transport bombs, children as human shields or directly attack civilians people do not hold them to article. At best they get a one line mention at the bottom of a two page rant around how Israel is evil. Israel has developed a public persona not unlike Russia in that no event what it does you probably think it is somehow doing something immoral. I sadden me when I hear people who started out with a verbs conscience defending the downtrodden now stand shoulder to shoulder with racist, chauvinist, murderous Islamic supremacists and honestly believe that they are the flawless guys. I say stand shoulder to shoulder but the reality is they would catch their heads cut off by these guys simply like you or me (except they would be making excuses for the terrorism as their own head hit the floor). Defending itself is not a biddable enough excuse in the eyes of the Britain, I wonder how they would surface after being bombed for fifty years (seriously bombed, without tip offs roughly speaking where and when the bombs will be like the Irish did).

Yes, they do realise the streets be filled by 9/11 supporters, they just excuse them by cliché they have had it tough and so it is okay that they disgust us and want us dead. It is excusable.

Tragic but true.
You can't generalise. You're saying every single entity in Britain is a "Liberal pacifist"? It doesn't work like that.
- We're combat the Iraq war alongside the Americans. They're our allies and they've done the same for us within the past. UK troops are doing a brilliant job out at hand so how can you categorise them and say we're afraid of killing terrorists? Especially when so much work is done by our police to destroy the problem.
- Why is it racist to hate muslims? You've answered your own question - "I love secular muslims". Not adjectives muslims are terrorists. You admit that yourself. So it's racist to hate muslims as one and only a few have ever done anything wrong.
- Israel get "so much stick" for bloodbath civilians because in any war or militant operation, civilian casualties must be minimised. Disregard for this will result within complaints. Simple. Terrorist attacks are seperate issues. During those, the main motive IS to cause as copious civilian casualties as possible. It's disgraceful, but you seem to be missing the point.
- Nobody "stands up for" a terrorist organisation.
I'm not even going to comment on the 9/11 celebrations.
Your question be full of sweeping statements and was headed by a claim that imply that because British people aren't stone hearted killers they approve or terrorism!
If you're not specific, nobody will answer you properly. You have need of to be more careful how you word your questions. This looks a great deal like a rant to me.

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