What would be your definition of a "liberal?" Someone who,at one time,would enjoy followed Joe Stalin and Beria?

Someone who would have blindly chanted the Mantras of the Murderer and the Child-Rapist?

BUT,since the trip up of Communism has been forced to embrace the "Sacred Concepts of Political Correctness"
Insteas of shouting words close to "Revisionis" or "Deviationis", they shout "Sexist" or "Fascist"
Liberals resembling conservatives come in many flavors from the extremists to the moderates. The scope determines the ideology that they prescribe to.
Progressive liberals: Marxist style ideology.
Moderate liberal: American to the core but in the tank for entitlement programs and big system.
Moderate conservative: American to the core but in the tank for smaller quantity spending and smaller government.
Progressive conservative: Fascists all.
Progressive liberals are Marxists to the core and will brand name deals with big business on their rise to power and will eventually nationalize those businesses when that power is gain. I have seen on this site statements by some of the liberals complaining that Obama is within the pockets of big business, but that is only acting, the day will come when they are controlled by him if given a chance.
A entity following Stalin, is a Stalinist, simple and easy to remember.
Beria was executed so I don't assume any one, even if they knew who he was, is following him.

Revisionist and Deviationists are not alike thing as sexists, nor are communists and fascists the same point. Given the Rights dislike of gays, perhaps that Deviationist label could in a minute be more appropriately be stuck to Republicans.

Liberals are so far from what you describe that its readily apparent that you wouldn't believe anything else, but I'll make a brief try at it. No religion contained by law, but its fine in private, non governmental office.
Honest and open ideas for shooting up the country for all its inhabitants, not just the very well off.
Equal opportunity no matter what see creed, or color you are, or who your daddy is, if you have the ability you can do it.

None of the above is exclusionary, elitist, evil, or unconstitutional.
Someone who fight for LIBERTY. If you don't do that your not a liberal.
...Are you tired after your rant? Need to sit down? I become conscious that, after all you've had your foot within your mouth all day, you probably involve a good rest. Take the foot out for a while and stop typing, save up drive for later so that other people can see the ridiculous stuff you post around people following mass murderers and child rapists. Claiming that an entire political ideology that encompasses a substantive portion of these United States is so radicalized that they would followed Stalin himself is unyielding work. I mean, it boggles my mind, so I can only predict with typing it out must have feel like. Take a snooze if you have to, it's OK, we'll be here when you draw from back.
I liberal is a being that will give away everything that they DON'T own!
Someone who supports this:







Thanks for the giggle. Stalin... a dictator....a liberal! I have to remember that one.
None of the above.
Someone that understands and respects the Constitution and doesn't fall for moronic attempts at paranoia and lies from Republican mouth pieces.
No liberals are children next to bleeding hearts. Or adults with no ability's so they want policy handouts. Source(s): Liberals with brains become conservatives after they have to work for a living. A Liberal is someone who other wants something for nothing & demands that the senate care for all of their requests from the womb to the tomb.
Someone that promotes government regulation and legislation as a solution.
"But if by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not trailing, someone who welcomes new planning without rigid reactions, someone who care about the welfare of the people -- their robustness, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberty -- someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if i.e. what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to voice I'm a "Liberal." JFK
No, someone who has an unrealistic hippy vision of the world, think that all world power governments are evil as are corporations, and judge that shoveling the money of those who are talented and those who work hard into the coffers of those who can't bound the number of babies they have or who don't follow the law is the track to go.

They are against the free market, the force businesses out of the country by driving up the cost of labor to the point where on earth business is no longer profitable, then when all of the job are gone because of their stupididy (big surprise) they want free handouts until they magically come back. Which wont happen until they are defeated.
A liberal is a person who is suspicous of a big policy,believes in the right to make their own choices requests to limit the power of the government and protect the rights of citizens. Source(s): liberal ideology Hey nice usage of 1950 right wing propaganda.

Tomorrow will you be commenting on how your cranium shape proves your mental superiority?

yay! I can't dawdle...! I love enjoy watching people humiliate and discredit themselves on the Internet.

Please maintain posting to YA.
Well said....and isn't it funny that liberals only hate America.....never a word give or take a few the murdering dictators around the world like Castro.

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