"Graduation Tax" What are the law astern this topical view?

Have they implemented this new piece and if so what does it now mean?

Is it similar to where if you become a Graduate not only do you own your loan repayments on your head but you also are taxed because you are very soon a graduate?
It is not but implemented it is highly potential it will be.

You would have the loan as well as the due, but the tax would almost certainly merely kick in at high tax brackets So if you don't get a capably paid job you won't be penalised.
It is at a extremely early stage of discussion. I very much hope that it will not be implement, but so many crazy ideas are taken up at the moment that we can't rule it out. In practice, people who do well out of their university coaching in terms of profits will pay more income tax and contained by this way will boost the revenue and contribute, among other things, to the education system.

One of the prime objections to Graduation Tax is that by making university education completely free of charge and clawing support the cost later from the earnings of old pupils, they will be penalising UK graduates, while overseas graduates gross no contribution at all. It would be manifestly unfair if our own students be to be discriminated against in this way. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/edu…
No, the 'graduate tax' will not happen. What is likely to be implement is a scheme whereby your tuition is repaid out of earnings if your returns are above a certain threshold, once you start working.

At the same time, university will be free to set their own fees which could be as much as lb20,000 a year.

This is pretty dumb as potential high earners will simply work overseas but is certainly fairer than a arrangement that is based on the income of your parents.

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