Acess to my child should i jump to court i am on dla and employment support unwaged can i afford it? free?

my ex lives 300 miles away and has stopped telephone contact and visit because i cant afford to visit every month and i am disabled and unemployed.

6 years passed next i decided to wait no longer because my child is 8 immediately and cant wait till she is 18.

the ex says my child doesn't want to see me what can i do pocket it to court?

tryed sending money to my ex but eventually even this did not work.
tryed reasoning with my ex no joy.
You could try to pinch her to court check around and see if your state has help for father. I feel bad when parents hold near children hostage for money. When me and my ex husband divorced we made sure everything we did was in the best interest of our children so we share custody and neither settle support. If you have been out of your child's life span for so long you would probably be a stranger to her but it's never to late to try she needs a father and if your of a mind to the work then you should try. Don't give up on your child.
my partner is on dla and is out of work and claiming benefit but it certainly wouldn't make him a doomed to failure parent so why should you be stopped from seeing your child, go to the citizens advice if you stay within Scotland they give you all the support and give a hand required for certain situations or they can redirect you to someone who can assist you , also if you are unemployed and you need to help yourself to legal action you can return with legal aid which helps society who are on a low income and they pay your lawyer ect . dont bestow up i hope you see your child again . good luck x

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