How do i copyright things beneath a pseudonym?

Send it to yourself surrounded by a sealed recorded conferral obviously including your pseudonym with your work. Keep it somewhere undisruptive. Send yourself a few separate copies so you don't lose them all. Only yourself could possibly have a copy at the record date. Don't open it until you ever need to prove it within court.
A fake entity can't legally own a copyright because they're not real so they can't enforce it. How would that work contained by court?
"This case is dismissed as the plaintiff has no standing."
"No skulk, I'm the guy who owns the copyright."
"No you're not, that's not your name."
"Yes, it's a pseudonym. It's really me though."
"Oh, sure it is. What kind of an idiot would use a phoney name for legal purposes? Case dismissed *gavel smash*"
Establish yourself as a publisher, then use a pseudonym to your hearts content; I compose choral music using my overdue grandfather's name!
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