Why did Tony Blair hatred the UK so much that he chose to verbs it contained by anyway he possibly could?

His disgraceful immigration policies and everything he done to make this country a European laughing stock.

Why did he hate the UK so much?
I suppose we have to worship the fact that he conned the British people surrounded by 1997 and continued to do so even after Iraq and Afghanistan which tells you something about the intelligence of the average voter.His single minded personal greed and unprincipled demeanour have denigrated all politicians.
As for 'hey you' and his prospect of individuals why he brings Hitler into the question beats me.
The conservative entertainment had dug the UK out of a diabolical mess left by the previous command and made the us world class, however they had run their course and things were on the slide.
At see time, the country had changed so much especially in attitutde, that near was no more room, or need for the weak labour 'cause'. So they re-invented the party as 'new labour' and embrace the policies and to some extent ideals of a conservative government, only once they have won they had no idea what to do subsequent. Blair presented himself as the honest candidate, mr squeaky clean, however i saw deception in his eyes from the start, and as we adjectives know he took the British people as mugs.
He was the most sly and dishonest politician of modern times, particularly bcause of his position of power. Now look at the mess. But will the British voter ever learn that a political gala based on communism will never work?
The UK should have an widen door policy for anywhere it's been.

Voted for Bliar in '97 to return with well rid of the awful Tories. I never liked him and didn't vote for him again. Although a terrifically intelligent and capable politician, I don't like Dave Milliband any and hope that Diane Abbott wins the leadership see.
Self interest mostly - look at the man now earn shed loads more than he ever did as PM. But Blair was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. And I believe that Blair be an interloper as far as England was concerned and a Scot with mostly Scottish interests at heart. He required to break up a strong and united Great Britain by dismantling England and it's general hold on the coalition. He did much of this by allowing the EU to take over virtually everything.
I don't know.
I wonder like peas in a pod thing about OBAMA & America.
Blair was a self serving menace for sure but I disagree that he was the worst PM we've ever see - firstly came Hitler then Thatcher..........subsequent place reserved for Cameron.

Blair had carte blanche because of the situation moved out by the previous conservatives. The country was so relieved to have rid of the Tories.

Unfortunately, Blair be no Labour man - which is probably why Gordon didn't like him.
I love the way it is other the politicians that are at fault....Never the weak weedy people. He got away near the destruction of Britain because the British didn't have the Balls to stop him. The only general public that have the balls to stand up for themselves and their interests surrounded by this country are the Muslims. That should tell you exactly whose hands this country's adjectives is in. Even when their country was individual given away by their own government, and even though that foul government refuse them a referendum on it, the British did nothing. A country is only as strong as its relatives. The British are weak spineless, and going down.

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