How long after an incident can police charge your near a driving indignation?

been told police are trying to prosecute me for driving without insurance 2 years ago
No insurance is summary just (can only be dealt next to at magistrates court) so there is a time limit of 6 months to start proceedings. If the CPS haven't started proceedings by in a minute, they can't. However, if a summons was issued within 6 months of the resentment and you have avoided it being served by moving address or giving false details, a warrant have been issued and that never goes away. Source(s): Ex-copper It really depends on the incident and their likelihood of gaining a conviction - as this obviously diminishes next to time where witnesses are relied on for example. But where the crime is more straightforward i.e. stroke of luck / no insurance and say someone involved gave false details which made it bear a long time to investigate, then they would possibly feel necessary in proceeding despite the delay.
technically you could still be charged after slightly a few years, but judges and jury tend to give you a leniant fine/sentence( depending on what you did) after a few years. the longer it take the less harsh the punshment

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