Whats your favorite gun for long selection short scope mid gamut and rear legs up weapon?

mine is the m82 sniper for long range the FN p90 for short range m16a4 for mid extent and for my back up weapon/secondary weapon is the .60 caliber Smith&Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver. whats your's?
mines the 22. pellet gun and for back up pistol i hold a beretta m9 replica which fires 5 mil bb's. Source(s): I dont have much money but they are weapons right? Don't hold a true long reach rifle but the .270 BAR outperforms my eyesight at distance.
Mid would be my Israeli LB in 7.62X51.
If they procure through that I like the Sig 226 in 9 mm.

Probably not the tops within any gun mag but I am comfortable with and control them well.
i do not play counterstrike. Source(s): Sa 58. the solely one i could claim to be proficient with. DOOD! YOU LIKE ASKED IN TEH WRONG SECTION!

Okay FINE! Mauser K98 for long range, MP44 for short and milieu ranges.

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