Is Obama really a self-made millionaire?

I've seen several liberals going around making this claim but I don't believe it's true.

Can anyone confirm he's "self-made millionaire"? How much money does he have?
It's adequate to know he can buy you multiple times over
Becoming a "millionaire" really isn't that atypical in the grand plot of things these days. Pre-presidency book deals be enough to push his net worth beyond $999,999. (In 2005, Obama's in synch gross income is listed in the 1.65 million range) Prior to the book contract and ascension to the White House, Michelle is widely credited with being the primary breadwinner of the family connections for a number of years. Source(s): In the eyes of the British people, Obama is an anti British fascist.

I wonder it's taken this long, surely the history of the USA teach us one thing, if the president does not obey the nation, bang.
He wrote some books, society bought the books, he got a cut of the money.

His due returns are public record at Source(s):… Any millions of dollars that Hussein Obama has, be obtained illegally, via corruption or crime, for example, adjectives the money from Muslin sources, during and after his campaign. One of the chief Muslim contributors was and is Tony Rezko, who financed a house for Hussein and Michelle, the Belle, surrounded by Chicago. Due to his corruption and crime, Hussein has sealed adjectives records of personal information, and since Hussein and Affirmative Action A.G. Holder, now controll the D.O.J., nearby will be no investigation. His money,is probably hidden in the Caymens, approaching many criminals, under bogus social wellbeing numbers, of which he has many!
I doubt it. I believe he's probably had some help, lower than the table kind.
Much the same channel any other fiction writer could make millions creating fantasy and lies.
Yes. From his books. They are available in ten different language, and during his presidential bid, became best-sellers several countries other than America. That made (and still does) greatly of $$$ for Obama.
Yes. He has two best seller books, and I am sure his speaking fees be in the 50k range in the past he became president.

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