What endorsed rights do you enjoy mortal a British Citizen?

No answers like 'None, the goverment is blah blah blah' I just want the right answers.
u can enjoy a homosexual marriage

u can have sex at 16 but drink alcohol at 18

you can drive at 17

youngsters underneath the age of 16 can get away with more crime than an full-grown
You're asking a very unbelievably broad question. There are hundreds of laws within effect that relate to your rights. You need to specify in relation to what.
It also depends on your age, and whether you are a British or European Citizen etc. An example of some of the 'rights' law in effect, include:

The Human Rights Act
The Right to Privacy
The Right To Know
The Rights of Suspects
The Rights of Defendants
The Rights of Prisoners
The Rights of Victims and Witnesses
The Right of Peaceful Protest
The Right of Free Expression
The Right to Receive Equal Treatment
The Rights of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers
The Rights of Gypsies and Travellers
The Rights of Workers
The Rights of People Detained Under The Mental Health Act
The Rights of Children and Young People
The Rights of the Bereaved

Have a look at the link below for specifics Source(s): http://www.yourrights.org.uk/ Actually the single guaranteed legal rights you have is the right to consular assistance when out of the country and the right of Habeas Corpus.

Rights of freedom of association etc. are guaranteed under the HRA and European Convention and are not therefore peculiarly British and are available to adjectives European Citizens. Source(s): I'm a lawyer If you are 18 or older, you hold the right to vote. You also have the inalienable right to live in the United Kingdom and come and budge as you please. The other rights conferred upon us are rights conferred by the Treaties to which the United Kingdom is a signatory, as JZD points out. Those Treaties are silent about the responsibilities which should go hand-in-hand near the rights in question.
Free healthcare at the point of use.

The right to walk out the UK and live somewhere else.

Freedom to walk down the street.

Freedom to buy, rent or own stuff.

Freedom to rant on the internet. blah blah blah!

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