Good report for a rework ?

It lookes like finally, someone in the system has woken up, smelled the coffe and decided to do something give or take a few welfare spongers…
All we need no is to apply the same fervour to the problem of illegal immigration and scumbag chavs and we have cracked it !
Sounds close to a great idea, but will the private companies be paid pro-rata to the amount they recuperate through the courts, or will it be another gravy train for the private sector awarded over a "good lunch" at the Ritz?
It sounds good but I fear near will be a lot of compensation lawyers wringing their hand at the prospect of new business with disputed claims and consequently the hunters become the hunted,
this work needs to be done in duplicate way as the untouchables, or it may well fold similar to a pack of cards, the media needs to be down the venture as well as the public, and the liberal departed should be treated with the contempt they deserve, I hope its not just hype I hope Cameron and co enjoy the strength to defend this policy but I fear the ethnics will as per middle-of-the-road play their trump race card,
I would like to know when us authentic White English will be allowed to play our non existent race card ?
There is a political aspect to adjectives of this and it is a very crafty one.
Years ago the practise of buying votes was outlawed..
But within were many ways political party worked around this.

Now it has been in good health established that people who to put it lightly maltreat the benefits system tend to vote Labour as they 'turn a blind eye' to this questionable happening.

So to agree with the questioner. It have needed a ruthless 'root and branch' solution to this problem of the benefits culture.

Let some of them do a good days work instead of living off the back of the taxpayers.

One idea. comes to mind. Let these private companies be paid on results.
The more money they gather the taxpayer;The more they earn themselves.
The trouble with any scheme where on earth you offer money for a result is that many open people will end up man caught up in it. Banks are a prime example of "bonus" greed and look what happen to them. Affording a holiday or something does not necessarily make you a benefit cheat. Many parents help out home members. My partners son have recently lost his job and can't find anything, so she have decided to help him out by paying for him to return with his HGV licence. I don't see any need to give anyone a bonus for detecting benefit cheats. We already hold people employed to catch the cheats, if they aren't up to the living then sack them and get within some people that are capable of doing it.
Though I openly detest benefits cheats, the view in that report is nothing untried really. It's merely grassing people up, albeit on a commercial scale! And so-called 'agencies' will be only just another bunch of bureaucrats employed by the council at the end of the day, and we're supposed to be adjectives back on council employed NONE job folks too, most of which are a bunch of wasters themselves! It's alright of course as long as you haven't fall on hard times yourself, and are then the subject of 'malicious' reporting, where on earth someone can just report you - not unlike the Staasi police do on here on, and then find all benefits stopped because of some sad little retired or controlling troll.

But, something has to be done about the problem, so I agree surrounded by principle.
Yes this is definitely on the right lines, but will the Turncoat be allowed to pass out such a policy?
as the Mechanic says lets steal time out and watch the Turncoats lips move moved out or right.


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