Do you come up with David Cameron may decriminalise cannabis?

All of the top doctors are trying to persuade the government to decriminalise adjectives drugs but the only drug I want to be legalised is cannabis. Heroin, cocaine and all the other drugs I ain't bothered roughly speaking.
I don't ponder for one minute that they will.

Not a chance, but in my view they ought to. There are far more dangerous things out there than cannabis, alcohol for one point. I would much sooner bump into someone on the streets who had smoked cannabis than someone who be out his/her face on drink.
I hope so, it would be a step in the right direction. The problem is, politicians always have an idea that they are correct and it is only in the adjectives that they will have to admit they are wrong, 80 years ago politicians believed that women shouldn't be allowed to vote, 40 years ago they believed that gay associates should go to prison. At the time they thought they were right and a immense proportion of the population who were victims of government propaganda sided next to them. In the future hopefully they will realise they were wrong roughly cannabis. To the guy who commented saying that it is clinically more harmful than the like of tobacco and alcohol, that is wrong, cannabis itself has 0 cytotoxicity, manifestly when it is combusted like practically anything it will give past its sell-by date harmful molecules but on its own it is harmless, alcohol have a very high amount of cytotoxicity and is a prearranged powerful teratogen. Cannabis has never killed a single being, cigarettes kill millions of people respectively year and nobody bats an eyelid, why? because the government allow it as does alcohol. Like anything if it is abused and uncommon responsibly it will cause problems. If you drink too much you will get cirrhosis of the liver, smoke too much and you will own narrow arteries and possibly develop cancer, eat too much vigorous food and you will get hart issues. If you smoke cannabis constantly you may trigger a mental disorder, however if you have it every once contained by a while you will be fine. LEGALISE IT!
It would be the right thing to do but it will not begin. Cameron is scared of the Daily Mail brigade!
I doubt it, unfortunatly, the government along with the medium has successfully fooled people into believing that cannabis is extremely injurious, when in reality, it's not. It's amazing how they certainly convince people as seeing there enjoy been no deaths or life span treatening injuries. ( I DID ACCIDENTLY PUT A JOINT IN MY MOUTH THE WRONG WAY ROUND OUCH!) Infact I don't even wanna finish this answer off before I punch my wall.

Dave Blackadder-Smoothspin and Nick Baldrick promised many things BEFORE the election. You didn't believe them did you?

Edit - have thought about it for a few hours, the legalisation of cannabis may be the only chance open to him to regain some kudos after the cuts. He'll be desperate enough afterwards to do anything for a spliff of popularity.
cannabis yes-skunk -no that should be class a
No. Possibly because he has a guilty conscience from when he was nearly expelled from Eton:…

However, given the certainty that the Bullingdon Club's recreational drugs of choice are Cocaine - allegedly - and booze in large quantity as well as a bit of the old Clockwork Orange ultra-violence, the one's you are not bothered give or take a few have more chance of man legalised..……

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