Arrested twice for shop lifting oblige?

help when i was 14 me and my friend shop lift got caught and let of next to an unofficail warning so no record i be shopping with her yesterday she stole got areested whats guunna surface to her shes done it twice will she go to court or a youth girls prison for a while etc shes now 15 and going hindmost to the station tommorow please help so we know what she can expect? x
She wants to stop doing it as she is obviously not very devout at it.
Get a latest friend - you are guilty by association, it isn't big and definitely isn't clever. Ditch her now past you get tarred with indistinguishable 'criminal brush'! You want something - save up or go lacking! Hope they take her to court as I have to wage higher prices for thieves. Source(s): personal rant Shes not going to secure unit or prison... A fine and community service is about it... And im sure she will get worse from her parents.
You'd have to look up your local law to find the answer. Even though you care for your friend, I would suggest not going shopping with her ever again.

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