Can you get any sense of this?

Y!A blocks this question: "Why is the Obama Administration lying about the effects of the gulf grease spill?" then lets this put somebody through the mill through: "Why won't the Y!A goon squad allow me to ask a legitimate question?" consequently blocks this 'question': "Hitler nazi kill hate Obama communist fascist Sarah Palin?" next allows this 'question': "Hitler nazi Obama communist fascist Sarah Palin?"

Do you see the pattern I see? The only adjectives 'red flag' words I interpret from this are 'hate', 'kill' and 'lying'.

WHAT? (Maybe I should ask this question in maths or astronomy!)
Perhaps populace are reporting particular questions, to enjoy them removed, and it's hit and miss which ones they give a crap about?
Surely if you've been here long satisfactory to be a top contributor you know that the deleting of questions is totally arbitrary?

One cross-question was probably saved by your typing "Y!A" :-)

I can't believe they own some wonderful mathematical formula that scans for "kill" and "hate" and lying because plentiful totally innocent questions are deleted.

By the course, if you find the magic formula, let me know.........
Yeah, some of my questions have not nominated at all today for some reason.... I show they never got listed AT ALL. I expect we are on the Yahoo (Staasi ) watch-list for being a bit too this or a bit too that! And all I asked be:

# Do you believe that heroin and cocaine should be legalised to cut crime and improve health?

# How do you ruminate that the rise in VAT (in the UK) will effect Britain?

and a sports question:
# UK Fantasy Football midfielder, who should I play this coming week?

There's any a problem with the system, or they are censoring the crap out of us. Not sure which. But the anti-English spamming troll the other week get virtually every single question listed short a damned problem It's all a bit strange really.

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