I hold not received my ET3 from the Tribunal what deed do I cart?

I have made a claim to an employment tribunal against my employers on grounds of disability nouns, racial discrimination and sex nouns. I lodged my claim within the time limits and it have been accepted by the tribunal organization. The respondents have not replied and it is passed the 28 day deadline. I received a missive from the respondents Solicitors saying that the ET3 is with the tribunal organization. I have now be notified by my employers that I am to be made redundant due to a verbs of the organisation and I feel this is unfair. Should I give this to my existing claim or bring another claim for unfair dismissal and selection for redundancy?

I own also been placed in the redeployment pool and attended for an interview but be told that I was unsuccessful but feel this is also an excessive decision made against me. If I have to bring a claim for unwarranted dismissal do I need to take out a formal grievance or purely appeal against my redundancy and issue a fresh claim?
The delay in reception the copy ET is probably with the Tribunal Office.

Where are you in the redundancy process? - if it have just started and there is a consultation, you necessitate to go through this and make submissions earlier taking action. If the redundancy process has closed, you should lodge a latest ET1 setting out how the redundancy is unfair. You can then ask the Tribunal to affiliate the two applications together once the claim is accepted and the employer responds.
Respondents have 28 days to reply to Tribunal, it will be sent to you after they hold received it. I'm not sure if you can add the additional unfair/redundancy onto a current claim - check their website - tribunalservice.gov.uk. You can beckon them for clarification on the other 2 issues. Sounds like a rough one for you. Going thro Tribunal myself and its a pain, they right to be heard its to bring employers to account but my experience so far have been the opposite - its HARD WORK and mentally draining! Source(s): personal exp It's not your ET3, it's the respondents.

If they hold failed to lodge in time, their fortification will be struck out and you will be entitled to proceed without their taking part.

If you enjoy a separate grievance or claim arising out of the redundancy, that is a separate claim (which can later be consolidated).
But you'll requirement more to back up a claim rather than a simple notion of general unfairness. Source(s): I'm a attorney

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