"Winter fuel wage cuts to hit millions of pensioners"?

Another broken promise?

maca-people voting labour over the last 15 years is partially the reason we are in this mess, so we can blame you.
Nothing would surprise me with this lot. Nick Clegg on BBC Breakfast this morning said that the talks of any cuts be only speculation, but you can bet that there have been a leak somewhere.
This seem to be the strategy with this government, to verbs people up with leak of this nature before the announcements are certainly made.
They are only interested in protecting those who run big business.
I hope adjectives the older people who voted Tory or Lib Dem are well with the bleak prospects we all facade.
Yes they are screwing everyone over starting with the most adjectives. They also want to up the retirement age to 66 by 2016 and as I won't be 65 until 2020 it looks like I will have to work an extra year, that's assuming I've even get a job. The chances are though that I will spend the subsequent 11 years either out of work, or doing some low paid crap chore because of my age and the fact that I currently work in the public sector, and the elected representatives hates us. If millionaire cabinet ministers could be made redundant and lose their wealth they might own more idea what life is approaching for the rest of us.
I got lb250 when I was 60 and still fit and working. Do you consider that be right? People who emigrated to live in Spain get hold of it, is that right?
I don't believe it should be scrapped but certain ancestors should not get it.
Perhaps it should be means tested as a lot of individuals don't even need it and some are still working at 60. As for paying it to people living in a foreign country that's not on. Perhaps they would have the money for decent pension if they stopped giving our money away to foreign countries.
Fancy that. Politicians lying! And the tories screwing the poor! And the liberals being a showery blanket and not standing up to them!
Has my next door neighbor said " Fuel settlement cuts to hit millions of pensioners but no cuts to overseas aid, what we need is a government that put the British general public 1,2,3"
don't blame me i voted grind

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