Did the UK management allow starvation to verbs contained by Ireland for financial reason?

The growing industrial cities of England needed manpower. Did the UK government allow starvation to encourage a much needed slog force to leave Ireland to come to England?

There was also a potato famine contained by Scotland but the difference was that the people of Scotland, lead by the Church of Scotland, took famine relief action.
No, it was for idealogical reason. The British government at the time led by Prime Minister John Russel be advocates of the free market and believed this would help yourself to care of the problem and withdrew management aid. They also refused to put a food export ban on the country, which expected that the Irish aristocracy continued to export food making the food crisis even more severe.

Very few Irish moved to Britain, they fled to the New World instead. There was a mass migration to America.
no it was totally unplanned, potatoes head to new areas of cultivation and supported a population explosion, with the bomb of that basic crop due to disease the Irish population would suffer. added to this British mismanagement and neglect due to the victorian capitalist ethic as much as anything and beside in a decade Ireland was backbone to a more sustainable population. It's a fact that Ireland was a network importer of food stuffs during the famine but once again those Victorian capitalists refused to rejection Irish exporters of oats to mainly the british army, sadly they rewarded the Irish poor couldn't.

and yes more irish people moved to great Britain than the new world during the famine time of year so that's untrue. the term 'Irish Holocausts" I find odious by the way.

famine be very much a feature of 19th century Britain, due to climatic conditions the particle crop failed in England at the turn of the century thousands upon thousands died the Government didn't do a entry unless you call transportation to Australia and using the army to burn the bodies something.

interesting foot note if you read contemporary Irish reports of that time of year Irish anger was directed more against the Rich Church as much as anything.
See below... Source(s): http://www.irishholocaust.org That's a loaded interrogate - what is your point ?

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