I'm about to be CRB checked and am completely freaking out.

Okay so here's my situation me and my mum were involved contained by a car accident hindmost in February, we claimed for it everything was going fine up until this month we get a letter from the other company saying we have to pay them said amount of money.

Now me and my mum were totally confused because it's a no win no tax type of thing, so we called up the company that be dealing with our case, no response, so the subsequent day my parents went down to their department it was shut down, we couldn't get a hold of anyone that could help out us, we get another letter from the other company beside court summons.

At this point we are freaking out because we have no idea what to do, so we phone call up a family friend and she calls them up tell them the situation and the guy said that they were told that we had closed the suitcase which we did not and we weren't even informed that our case had be closed.

So she told them everything and the guy she was speaking to told her that they would get fund to us. We haven't heard from them yet but my examine is will this show up on my CRB check as i need a clean CRB for the course i am applying for at college. I did bring back a CRB check back in 2009 and it be clean. Thanks
Agree with others. Will be fine stop stressing! Source(s): UK teacher. your be fine
You have not be to Court,
You have not been charged beside anything,
So you do not have a criminal record or a tell.
Your CRB will be clear.
CRB means Criminal Records Bureau. So don't verbs about it. You have not committed any Criminal conduct yourself. By the way you should report that Company to the Insurance Ombudsman.

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