How can I receive an emergency appointment for Schengen visa at Italian Embassy?

I was supposed to travel on 23rd september and booked an appointment in French embassy for visa around a month ago, as France be my first entry point. Today after going to the embassy, I have been told to obtain visa from Italian embassy as I'd be living there for 5 days. (3days n France)

Next appointment date in Italian embassy is on 23rd september. I tried discussion to the embassy, vfsglobal but no one is ready to abet. What should I do?

PS I am an overseas student
Sorry, but there is nothing that can be done. You should hold gotten yourself informed about the visa provisions before. Each website of any French Embassy or Consulate clearly states where on earth the visa application must be lodged (main destination).… ..
No embassy has emergency visa. This time of year is always busy, sorry but zilch can be done but take the date offered by consulate.
Only in go or death situations can you get an embassy to do a visa outside of their programmed time.

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