If you could speak to David Cameron and/or Nick Clegg, what would you suggest they do to promote Britain?

just pass on doing what they are doing.
Deport every illegal immigrant and their families, regardless of the circumstances, charging their government the expense this creates.
Claw back very bankers bonus going hindmost 5 years.
Claw back every 'expense' from serving and retired MPs, going back 10 years.
Increase the sale tax on second homes to 50%.
Stop paying welfare to the able-bodied after 6 months. Force these people to lift work wherever it is available.
Leave the EU with direct effect.
Demand repayment of all funding made to the EU over the past decade. This would effectively bust the EU.
Rebuild our navy and docklands, thereby creating massive employment opportunities.
Nationalise the railways.
Nationalise the Utilities, Oil, Gas and Electricity.
Nationalise the Water Companies.
All this is the work of merely one day! Source(s): The Land of Common Sense Call another election ASAP would be my first choice. My second choice would be to stop going after the poor and turn after the tax dodgers. The amounts they are trying to claw off the poor are tiny amounts compared near the minimum of lb40BN up to as much as lb120BN that tax dodgers get away near. My other suggestion would be to ditch Michael Gove and his schools policy, it will be a total disaster and cause a two tier state teaching system in this country where those within disadvantaged areas will suffer.
Ban the Labour party for ever and ever Amen. Socialist gits almost wrecked the country.
Dave - what are your plans for an early retirement in a minute that you've got the Prime Ministerial guaranteed index linked for go pension?

Clegg - who the Hell voted for you? Your party, the Fascists, lost partly their seats at the last see?

Final question to both. Why is there still an unelected House of Lords?

Call this a democracy?

Don't fashion eye laff. . . .
Stop using language which has dubious intent. Such as > "Modernisation" when you mean sackings - undertaking losses.
Get the police in immediately when culture who hold power break the law, such as > Politicians - Priests etc.
Stop treating the crime of Burglary as if it was nil, when you have body guards and will never be burgled.
Leave the EU and remove all the EU immigrant at the same time.

It is time we were better friends beside our true friends, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the all the other countries that came to our aid within both 20th centuary wars.
knock down every council estate in the uk and replace near proper housing,two ups two downs with front and back gardens,nation were never meant to live contained by concrete rabbit hutches,that's one of the biggest reasons for broken britain.
ban the toil party
'Danny''s right and 'Harald' must be SO MUCH better stale now the 'socialists' are out of power!

I would suggest that they stand down and move over for UKIP. The only get-together that will remove us from the destructive nature of the EU.
1. Pull their head out of their (a)rses.
2. Resign
They must go to bed together.
Instead of savage public spending and welfare cuts to cut the deficit I would suggest they withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and scrap Trident, which would wipe the lb70 billion deficit out contained by one fair swoop.

Another alternative, instead of targeting "benefit cheats" who cost the discount an estimated lb5 billion per year, they concentrate on the millionaires and corporate giants who cost the economy estimated lb30 billion per year due to toll evasion. Simple maths really.
Id say cut immigration, the current system is not sustainable, and not dealing beside it is causing a lot of working class society to support far right parties, such as the BNP, which is terrible for the country.

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