Has Barack Obama have made things worse for adjectives liberal party?

If I had the vote in America (I'm Scottish) I would own voted Barack Obama........ at the time anyway. But a migraine-induced night of no sleep last hours of darkness had me wondering....

For what America is (politically speaking) and compared to the rest of the world, the Left is actually rather Right-ish, not necessarily its beliefs but its actions.

Has Barack Obama pushed too much change too in a flash in America and when a Rep government comes rear legs into power (which it will inevitably will), will Obama have pushed the Right further into a Far-Right party... further than even most Republicans would own even gone and begin implementing policies that that could push the country into a state of isolation and misgivings?

My logic is that the further Right you go then the further you walk militia state of retribution before justice.

The further disappeared you go then the further you stir into a complete control police state.

Your opinions would be appreciated, no hate and try to give the brush-off my name...err.. its not my profile.
An affirmative action president, who's battle was based on false hopes and unachievable aspirations and a Nation desperately looking for alter with no effective protest in McCain-Palin. Sooner or later the truth kicks and the people realise they hold been duped. What can one expect in a 2 participant system.
Well the problem is that people voted him in to adapt stuff, it was what his campaign is base upon. But he tried to negotiate with republicans, and this left his next to weak reform, such as beside health care and financial rearrange. Also, the democratic party is really reluctant to defend itself from attacks by the right wing, and this sways peoples opinion, because they only get one side of the argument.

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