Before applying to the Royal Marines....?

1) Should you be at ---> <--- that training schedule or far above it?

2) What level of English, Engineering, Maths etc should it be at?

Also any information on ocean floor chef would be greatly appreciated
Thanks for your time
The Navy call them the Maureens.
Don't bother getting fit. No situation how fit or unfit you are, basic training will hurt like hell. You'll extremity up as fit as they want you, or they need you to be.

If you are outside the UK, even as a British Citizen, you will need to hold been resident there for a minimum of 5 years until that time you can serve.

Good luck
dont worry so much about the dry side to joining because they can teach what you need to know so youll solely need to have a grasp , and also your fitness will stipulation to be at this level possible higher , the fitter you are the more potential you will get through the selection process and through training.
Good luck

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