Do you get the impression your British ancestors the bringers of modern civilisation?

Pirates of the high seas-defenders of blighty the most feared of adjectives nations coursing through your veins?
We made mistakes, but overall we made the world a better and wiser place. We should promote and be proud of our history, not be apologetic like we enjoy been recently. Rule Britannia
Pirates bought civilisation? But anyway, yes I think my ancestors did, what with the industrial revolution starting here, but modern civilisation be built by most peoples ancestors, from lots of countries, for example the renaissance, from europe.
You speak of civilisation as if it be something that was attained. There are no civilised people but, it is an ongoing process. As long as there is war, crime, police, prisons we are contained by the early stages of 'civilisation'. Source(s):… The British through the ages have be responsible for many things some good and some desperate, but on the whole mostly for the good, I normally wonder what life was similar to for my ancestors, what they did for a living and whether or not they were cut-throat pirates or just plain unexciting people who struggled to survive in what must hold been a hard existence.
Yes I do, and we invented almost everything as well, yes there be bad military moments, but we British invented the modern world.For example start learning in the region of the subject by reading through this sample of British inventions:

The Internet: BRITISH,(Tim Berners -Lee)

The first programmable computer BRITISH was invented surrounded by Manchester university, This computer still works and is actually faster than the PC/laptop you are now using.1948 The first computer next to a stored programme and memory- nicknamed 'baby'- was developed at Manchester University,UK

Optical Computer BRITISH Bristol University 2009

Jet Engine BRITISH (Whittle)

Geostationary satellite viability was another British first, A C Clarke who died recently

The electric motor and also the electric generator,Michael Faraday (British 1791 - 1867)

Radio (Underlying Principles) - James Clerk Maxwell Very great British scientist

Anemometer - Robert Hooke British inventor

Disc Brakes - Frederick William Lanchester British inventor

Cordite - Sir James Dewar, Sir Frederick Abel

Electromagnet - William Sturgeon, British Scientist

Fax Machine - Alexander Bain British Inventor

Holography - Dennis Gábor British Inventor

Internal Combustion Engine - Samuel Brown, British Engineer and Inventor

Thermos - Sir James Dewar, British inventor

Evolution theory Darwin British

Vacuum Cleaner - Hubert Cecil Booth, British Inventor (Not Hoover)

Body scanner British

Radar British WW2

Train first train self propelled British (Stephenson)

Steam Engine British 3 British
Inventors: Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen, James Watt

1803 John Dalton's atomic theory be the forerunner of all modern medicine. Manchester UK

1805 The first gas street lighting illuminate part of Chapel Street in Salford, along beside the Philips and Lee factory.Manchester UK

1880 The first mechanically powered submarine was launch to the designs of eccentric Hulme curate, the Reverend George Garrett.Manchester UK

George Stephenson Rocket Steam Engone

Robert Stephenson , First Box Girder Bridge

Propelling pencil . Sampson Mordan.UK associate of Michael Faraday…

Scramjet semi orbital jet engine British

First Powered flight. John Stringfellow Attercliffe, Sheffield, England

Cat Eyes British Percy Shaw

Float Glass and self cleaning cup, Pilkington UK

First successful two-stroke engine was invented by Sir Dougald Clerk.British

Periodic Table British
British chemist, John Newlands

The "Seismometer"British James Forbes

Englishmen, Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) invented the first process for mass-producing steel

Spinning Jenny - James Hargreaves

Modern Seismograph
John Milne was the English seismologist and geologist who invented the first modern seismograph and promoted the building of seismological stations.

In 1880, Sir James Alfred Ewing, Thomas Gray and John Milne, adjectives British scientists working in Japan, began to study earthquake. They founded the Seismological Society of Japan and the society funded the invention of seismographs.

Milne invented the horizontal pendulum seismograph in 1880.

Sir Isaac Newton ( British ) was the inventor of the Universal Law of Gravity

John Logie Baird (1888 - 1946) is immortalised for his invention of Television (1926) but also worked on untimely developments in radar and fibre optics (1924/5).

Hovercraft British Sir Christopher Cockerell (1910 - 1999) - 1959

Linear induction motor - Eric Laithwite (British 1921-1997) - precipitate 1960s

Pedal cycle ....Kirkpatrick MacMillan- British -invented the pedal cycle 1839

Penicillin--Alexander Fleming - 1928

Holography 1947...Dennis Gabon -- British


DNA Profiling.Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys,The inventor of DNA finger printing was named as the Great Briton of 2006 at a ceremony at London's Guildhall.

Harrier Jump Jet, one of my British invented favourites .

1919 Ernest Rutherford discovered how to split the atom at Manchester University UK .

2009......James Dyson have launched a bladeless fan

2009 Cancer Genome Sequence break through British scientists Dec 2009…

iPod and iMac. British designer.JONATHAN IVE (1967-), senior vice-president of design at Apple

The above is not a complete account by any means and represents a fraction of British inventions. Technology made the modern world. The CPI index below shows the most corrupt countries which in my inference are less civilised than the least corrupt countries. Source(s):… I don't enjoy any British ancestors. I am Norse. But I don't feel like a Viking, so I don't buy that stuff. People use their ancestors to surface special when in fact they are agonizingly normal.
Yes I feel we have deeply to answer for, despite our servitude & because of it the Isles of Britain have certainly achieve a hell of a lot.

I'm talking the general public not the ruling class.
Why not?
Look surrounded by the real world.
Decode this lyrics " You'll see "
"Wonderful world"
"Don't know much"
"Time after time"
"Wonderful wonderful"
"Wonderful life"
"What a wonderful world"
"Quantum of Solace"
"Quantum leap"
Not hear-say only?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
What do you meditate? Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.

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