The police cant do anything, is this right?

About 3 weeks ago my sons bike was stolen from my garden. I reported it but didn't expect much as my son had not chain his bike up. Around the same time, some neighbours and friends were becoming concerned around the presence of a particular van that had be seen several times parked in our street, as very well as others. Several bikes were stolen and continue to budge missing. Last week i woke up to see the van in my street, and a man jumping into the wager on of it with my daughters bike! (it was chain up and he had sawed through the chain). I noted the reg number and went right to the police beside a good description of the van, driver and the man who took the bike. The police said there be nothing they cold do and didn't even take the reg number from me. I be outraged and made my feelings clear to them. Surely this isn't right? Its blatant theft, surely the police own a responsibility to at least look into this?
It is typical of the British police force. ....The worst police force in Europe in certainty. The force, like our entire legal system, is a jape. A sic sad pathetic.....but completely costly joke. I am of the opinion that areas should enjoy the right to withdraw funding from their council tax, and fund their own private regional force. A force to be exact there to serve local interests. But unless we remove ourselves from the EU and its insane human rights laws, in attendance is very little that can be done. I guess the truth is, the people of Britain own the living hell that they voted for......They voted for the same lib lab con/bination that lead us into this inert, and socially destructive EU insanity.
Off course the Police should be dealing with this - you are reporting a crime and need a Crime Reference number
IF you don't draw from any satisfaction ,then complain
The same piece happened to my boys bikes a few years back and the guy be caught
Seemingly the bikes make there style abroad for a lot of money for these criminals

Tell the Police you requirement it reported and want a Crime Ref Number for insurance purposes Source(s): UK This is amazing! You saw something., noted a license plate number...reported the incident only to be told nothing could be done. I'd be likely to take the matter further. You are fairly within your right to complain about the police surrounded by this situation. I'm sure you have other neighbours who have notice a suspicious van in your area. Have them attend the police station next to you.
yes they should be able to do something run to another police station or contact the independent police complaints commission…
And if you park in a no parking zone for even 1 minute to run contained by to a store to get a cup of coffee the Police will be there promptly to tender you a ticket

They most certainly can and should do something about it.
Make an appointment to see the station commander and receive a formal complaint to them.

If you get no joy after contact the IPCC.
i think with the police it go something like....if they didnt see it then they cant do anything nearly because for all they know you could just be trying to obtain someone in trouble. it might be different if the neighborhood adjectives says they say this. or find it on tape. you would to atch him doing a crime and getting in this vehicle next to the license plate number probably. cops can be d bags
That sucks. I'm relieved to find out it's surrounded by the UK and not the US, but our police would probably do the same thing. Sad...
Phone Crimestoppers and report them 0800 555 111
Say they're an organised bike theft gang and they go up and down the country stealing bikes.
ya they should be able to do something something like it
vertebrae your car into a wall, and report the van for hit and run
The person who you talk to at the police dept, step to his supervisor...he has one. If you feel you do not own cooperation you are looking for from his supervisor, keep going up to chain of command at the police dept. You know officer, cpl, sgt, lt, capt, chief, chief(depending on rank structure) If you are not getting any help or bring back refused to talk to supervisor on lower quality such as a officer or sgt, go ahead and see the chief. If still not satisfied, desire city manager, that their job to oversee the departments inside his city including police depts.

Now your daughters bike, unless you engraved your driver license number into it or customized it such as place a sticker or license plate or custom paint job, it is really hard to identify which bike is yours. Bike manufacture usually place same id numbers on a batch. So yours subsequent to same model bike can have the same number on it, making it outstandingly hard to identify the bike. Unless they catch the guy surrounded by progress or you have something to identify your bike such as items I listed, really no route to exactly prove its yours.

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