How long does it bring for a turkish party to hold a full british passport?

How long does it take for a turkish person to own a full british passport , like say a turkish man we know was married to a british women, lived over here for the past 2 years or so, how long does it steal for a full passport like mabey a 10 year passport or something?
my boyfriends mother is married to a turkish man, n hes getting worried over some things.
last year he didnt hold a passport ,it run out or some cr8p ,so couldnt even go back to turkey to see his people for 2 weeks, but we think he must have a topical one now as they are going to turkey next month to see his kinfolk. would anyone know if this new passport is like a full one, or mabey close to a short year passport or something?
we want to understand more how it all works, as my bf is worried for his mum.
I enjoy nothing against turkish people, i muse most are lovely, its just things seem strange and my bf only just wants to understand more of how the intact passport thing works n how long there passports later for etc etc? thanks
If this man is married to your b/f's mother, he must be in the UK on a spouse visa. This is a two year probationary visa. At the ruin of the two years, he can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement). He must be still married and living with his UK spouse and she must support his application. He also has to go past a Knowledge of Life in the UK test.

Here's the form that must be completed when applying for ILR as the spouse of a UK citizen.…

It costs lb840 for postal applications, or lb1095 for a premium service application made contained by person at a Public Enquiry Office.

Once he has ILR, he is free of immigration control and can claim benefits and set off his wife without any penalty. He must be resident for three years contained by the UK and hold ILR before he can apply for citizenship. He must hold citizenship before he can apply for a UK passport.

He would not be eligible for a UK passport within less than three years living in the UK, so he must enjoy renewed his Turkish passport.

A British passport is issued for 10 years. The old one year passport was abolish a long time ago.
If i had my way never,run back where you come from,i hold had a lot of business wth the turks and i would not trust one of youi

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