Do you devise its single dictators & jihadists who voice islam & democracy cant mix,&that the common herd surrounded by middle-east?

want the same freedoms and democracy that we in the west & elsewhere savour?
for our own security as well as the well-being of adjectives the people in the middle-east [including its discriminated-against religious and other minorities] should western and other intercontinental powers be doing everything they possibly can to facilitate the transition of the various types of dictatorships in the middle-east into functioning democracies?

i see no origin to prop up any of these regional tyranies anymore, nor let them [in their efforts to cling on to power] try to con the west into accepting that the middle-east is a special crust, and needs to be treated differently to everyone else, including [of course] letting them trample on peoples humans rights and discriminate and subjugate various minorities.

dont you agree that western countries call for to take a bigger view than freshly economics and petty politics, and in the interest of their own security, assist the middle-east to grow into a more prosperous and freedom-loving culture, that respects everybody's rights?
It's like trying to square a circle. Kemal Ataturk tried it, but it will one and only last for a short time and we are seeing Turkey slide slowly but inevitably into an Islamic state. As long as their population are muslim, they will want to implement a theocratic system, or at least, use theocracy to justify dictatorship.
Where are our freedoms and democracy in the West, when our elected politicians are run by the central bank and global capitalists. Much of the idea for the conflict in the Middle East is because those countries won't sell their nouns, traditions and religions out to global capitalism.
politics should never mix religion

theocracies suck
Nothing to do next to us.. we can't tell/ dictate what over countries should do, not even force is reasonable.

All we can do is move on contained by the world until they look like cavemen because of their backward ways.
The attitude of MOST young Muslims that come to Britain tells me that Islam is not for the cultured among them. I suspect that, as you say, the majority of Islamic people would a bit be getting along with the rest of the world than living in an tyrannical hate fuelled and violent Hell. I intuitively think that the most effective article that the west can do, is to close its borders to Islamic immigration completely and build on their own country's. Let Islamic people travel on holiday to non Islamic country's and make a judgement through comparison on their own instrument of life. let them put their own country's within order. As things stand, we, in the west, seem to be to be dropping our standards and sacrificing our own future to accommodate theirs......never a pious move.
I despair when i read that politics and religion should not mix,they are duplicate thing,all of the leaders of the islamic world and the west use religion for their own purposes,and hold murdered in the name of their religion and solitary obey what they want to,the muslims distort the koran to suit their own purposes.
I am british or i was i do not believe we british exist very soon as the foreigners have taken over this country,by the devious device of using the race law made by our brainless governments of all colours,instesd of protecting us from these invaders they own played into their hands,so i personally will not rely on the authorities or the police to protect me from these incomers,we do no longer enjoy any say in the running of this country,possibly the answer is for all the white brits to emigrate to sunnier climes and leave this island to the foreigners and the royalty,mind you if we did that this country would look approaching some backward country in africa or asia contained by less than a year.
Read the Quran and when you have done so, share me where in adjectives its writings, there is a single mention of democracy or the principles of democracy.

Islam is a dictatorial ideology. Even the prophet Mohammed would have to agree next to that. The only way democracy will ever work surrounded by islamic countries is if you can completely separate the state from the religion and the only Islamic country to have come close to this is Turkey. Ironically through the work of Mostapha Kemel Ataturk, contained by many ways a dictator in his own country, but at lowest a benevolent one.

The 'masses' as you call them want to be able to acquire on with their lives and enjoy our rights and privileges, but will never know how to do so while they embrace Islam. Its one or the other I'm afraid. Source(s): My opinion.

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