What can I do if a shop lies to me?

I bought a 2nd hand phone from a shop the other week and I was told it be in perfect working instruct and unlocked to any network, these were both lies, the phone is locked to red and certain things don't work on it. I've been support to the shop and they say they'll unlock the phone for me and fix it, but as I've not been competent to use it i've sorted myself another phone and just want a refund on this phone but the shop refuse to give me a refund. Is the imperative on my side?
Yes , all customers have statuary rights and these are never artificial. You can contact Trading Standards for advice but I have surrounded by the past always told the retailer first that if they go amiss to give me a refund I will contact Trading Standards and contained by some cases Watchdog ( who also give advise and at hand website is really useful) I have never had a retailer demur to give me a REFUND when I have mentioned these companies whether the item is 2nd appendage or not. They have given you false information just so you would buy the item and this can affect them weakly if they fail to refund you , stick to your guns and impart them a chance to refund you , but for ring trading standards or email watchdog on their website.
the law is on your side, the sale of good act, 1979

The Sale of Goods Act


The Sale of Goods Act 1979 is the principal piece of legislation helping buyers to obtain redress when their purchases 'go wrong'. It is in the interest of anyone who sell goods or services to understand the implication of the Act for them and the responsibilities they have under it.

Essentially, the Act states that what you market must fit its description, be fit for its purpose and be of satisfactory quality. If not, you - as the supplier - are in somebody`s debt to sort out the problem.

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I Source(s): http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/act… you are wasting your time you may be legally right but at what cost? to hire a attorney would cost too much just have them fix it and know you enjoy a back up plan file a luggage with the BBB and complain alot thats all you can do

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