Is it time to stand up to Communists?

Lets take back our world!!
What, resembling USA did in the Nam
There are immensely few countries in the world today who are practicing Communism. North Korea most certainly, China to some extent and probably Cuba. Apart from that the rest of the world practices Capitalism or Socialism to one extent or another. If you are an American you fail to recognise the difference between a democrtatic socialist country and a Communist country because you indeed are brainwashed from an early age that both connote the same thing. Hence you procure questions like this.
Yes, the thought of Labour coming vertebrae in a few years makes me sick!
It's time to stand up to extremism, be it on the Left or the Right. Otherwise, I couldn't care smaller number where people come on the political spectrum.
I don't assume you, or some of the others here know what communism is. Very few countries in the world have experienced anything close to communism. you use it as a handy label to describe those who are not as right wing or red necked than you.
What communists are you talking going on for? Who are they? What country are you in? (If it is the US then you enjoy no idea of what a communist is, you are too brainwashed by Fox news) Communism is not dominating the world, it is capitalism that does that. Source(s): Eat the rich. Yes, is time.

However, you'd be surprised who are behind the Communist capture.
I'd start with the International Banking Cartels.
Take them down first and the Battle will be 3/4 won.

This is the truth.
no, I think it's time to go in them.

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