Desribed on News as Law- breaker ? Do you agree almost this work MP?

A new MP who went from law-maker to law-breaker days after getting elected have been banned from driving for six months. Skip related content
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New MP gets 6-month driving ruling out Enlarge photo
Yasmin Qureshi, the Labour MP for Bolton South East, was spotted using a mobile phone while driving and when stopped by police was also found to hold no car insurance, Bolton Magistrates' Court heard.
The former barrister and human rights legal representative had been elected as the town's contemporary MP on May 6 but four days later was caught by police while driving through the town.
Howard Sloane, prosecuting, told the court that around 2.45pm on May 10 a police officer spotted her silver Vauxhall Astra driving along Wigan Road contained by Bolton. "He could clearly see the driver had a mobile telephone surrounded by her right hand and was speaking into it," he told JPs. Ms Qureshi, 47, be stopped and questioned if she had any motivation to be using her phone, to which she replied: "No."
Her details were then checked and she be found to have no insurance, Mr Sloane added, as her policy had elapsed on April 9. The insurance policy be then renewed at 4.05pm the day she have been stopped, the court heard.
Mr Sloane said the MP already have nine points on her licence when she was caught. She had a previous misdemeanour of using her mobile phone while driving dating from May 25 2008 and two speeding offences, one in 2007 and another concluding year.
Ajmal Hussain, defending, said the MP had not deliberately avoided paying for insurance.
"The position is, that Ms Qureshi have been insured with this firm since 2003," he said. "It be a roll-on policy that at times was paid surrounded by full and other times in instalments. For whatever sense, matters are being looked into by Ms Qureshi, on this occurrence the insurance was not renewed, therefore she did not enjoy insurance. Clearly something has gone wrong. As a result of administrative error or whatever it is, she is not insured."
He said Ms Qureshi, who be not in court, could have argued for "exceptional hardship" to try to avoid the proscription, because of her job, but wanted to adopt the ban and have matter dealt with. "She is going to be inconvenienced a large amount, visiting her constituents at unsociable times, she is going to have to in a minute take taxis and public transport," he said. "It will affect her personal and professional enthusiasm. She apologises to the court, she clearly regrets what's happened."
Qureshi, of Morton Moss Court in Bolton, be banned from driving for six months, fined lb950 for driving with no insurance, lb300 for the mobile phone sin and ordered to pay lb35 costs and a lb15 victim surcharge.
Yes I do agree near the description. She clearly broke the law and with 9 points and a previous conviction for using the phone she have a habit of doing so.

I have a impressively small amount of sympathy re the insurance - it can be a nightmare as some companies roll the insurance over others wait for you to contact them - but ultimately it is the drivers responsibility to ensure that they are covered.

That said she admitted guilt and have been punished.

I think even-handedness has been served contained by this matter. It is driving offences and shouldn't prevent her from continuing as an MP.
She get what she deserved, however, as to whether she will lose out financially is another matter. We all know what I suggest.
This is someone who is thoroughly irresponsible. Most citizens with nine points on their licence would be feeling slightly neurotic at the idea of committing any further road traffic offence and would be doubly reliable to ensure that nothing further happened to jeopardise their licence. She is a advocate and also a person in public department and yet she is careless in the region of her public reputation and image. She deserves to be inconvenienced.

I hope she won't try claiming for the services of a chauffeur under her Parliamentary expenses.
She's not bothered -- She will claim it back om expenses
yes she broke the law
i really cant see where your examine is going but hey ho Source(s): my head Fairly typical of your current crop of MPs - It is do as I say not as I do. I enjoy very little sympathy.
Driving misdemeanour - immediate police action !! Fiddle expenses - move about mortgages - lie through your teeth about it - NO ACTION !! A Police officer would enjoy lost his job. Politicians (not all) are a disgrace.
L > I regard myself to be of lofty integrity. I neither approve of law breaking or fiddling expenses no matter who does it. Politicians are careerists who no longer do the errand for "WHAT THEY CAN GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY" we should aim for the highest common denominator not the lowest. That MP should be booted out of organization.
Yes, she has broken the law beside a motoring offence, taken her punishment, and got on beside her life.

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