Which of these should rule the planet?

- A suave cheetah
- A wise turtle
- A nice man with no teeth living surrounded by Central Park
- Larry David
- Top Cat - his friends call him TC
- Katie Price's plastic surgeon
- A socialist monkey
- A terrified panda
- A French-speaking rhino
A nice man with no teeth living contained by Central Park.

But I'm starting to think these are all false identity for people. Socialist Monkey is Obama. lol
This question is dumb. Obviously Top Cat should rule the planet, the clue is surrounded by the name TOP Cat. He is benign, cool, helpful and probably have a better sense of the world economy than our current leaders.
A French-speaking rhino
larry david 100%
this world would be amazing hahahahaha
F you NORM
Top Cat!!
A nice, wise, socialist turtle monkey beside no teeth.
I'd go next to the nice Man with no teeth.

A wise turtle
Obviously a erudite turtle! =)
Well, you have to think give or take a few it, they are very old, and because of this they are every erudite. they could give so many appropriate advices to rule the planet. On the other point, don't expect the turtle to make changes suddenly
In the novel "IT" by Stephen King a kind of turtle rules the world, and I surmise it is a cool idea.
Top Cat, he's cool, where's officer dibble when you need him..
It's got to be a clever turtle!
Me. Go build me an idol.

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